With $88 million earned in the last 12 months, Ronaldo is world’s highest paid athlete, the first footballer to do so.

According to Forbes however, Ronaldo may be underpaid.

Although he made more money from endorsements than all other athlete in the world, the earnings is still lower than he is worth.

Portugal international generated $176 million in earned media value. His 255 branded posts produced an average 651,778 interactions (likes, shares, comments or retweets), and each was worth $689,426.

All these however is lower than his worth considering his status as the second-highest ranked active athlete in terms of influence in the world, according to The Marketing Arm’s global celebrity index powered by Repucom – one behind Messi.

He is also the most popular athlete in the world by social media standards, with 215 million followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – 60% more than any other athlete.

With his good looks and a chiseled physique, the 31-year-old is a poster boy for many brands, earning $32 million as a the face of brands like Nike, Tag Heuer, Clear men’s hair products, Roc headphones, Herbalife , PokerStars, his personal line of CR7 underwear, shirts, shoes, and namesake fragrance, suits and hotels (under construction).

Ronaldo also $56 million in salary and bonus from Real Madrid and is contracted to make over $50 million through the 2017-2018 season.

His rival from BarcelonaLionel Messi, the second highest paid athlete in the world made $81.4 million, in the last one year.

Messi earned $53.4 million from Barcelona.

Third on the football dominated list of highest paid athlete is another Real Madrid star, James Rodriguez.

Neymar is fourth while Gareth Bale is fifth.

Luis Suarez is sixth on the list followed by LeBron James in seventh position and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in eight.

Rounding up the list are basketball star Stephen Curry and golfer Rory Mcllory.