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The football star and the boy wake up the next day to discover they are no longer in the body.

The boy woke up in Ronaldo’s plush mansion in the forward’s body while the football star found himself in the body of the ball boy.

Both had a difficult time adjusting to their new lives as the ball boy found himself in the luxurious lifestyle of Ronaldo while the Real Madrid star found it hard also.

The ball boy crashed Ronaldo’s Koenigsegg while the football star wowed friends of the boy with his football skills.

In his new life, the ball boy struggles to replicate Ronaldo’s skills on the pitch but had to train twice as hard to regain them.

The ball boy however thrives in his new body and quickly became a football star.

The short film ends in the ball boy and Ronaldo meeting in another clash between England and Portugal. Just like the day they met, the pair clash in a 50-50 challenge which triggered their switch back to their bodies.

Starring in the short film also are a host of Nike ambassadors including Ross Barkley, Harry Kane, Joe Hart, Chris Smalling, Megan Rapinoe, Jose Fonte, Cedric Soares, Vieirinha, Raphael Varane, Anthony Martial and Sergi Roberto.