Arsenal star Alex Iwobi revealed some of his flight habits in a new video on the club’s official Youtube channel. 

As a footballer, Iwobi flies regularly to games and in the video, the 22-year-old in the video discusses how he prefers to fly. 

In the video, Iwobi is in conversation with teammate Rob Holding while Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang also feature. 

The video which also has Rob Holding is to promote Arsenal's official airline (Youtube/Arsenal)

Asked if he sleeps through a flight or watches the in-flight movies, Iwobi reveals that he goes to sleep immediately he boards.

In the video which was done to promote the club’s official airline, they also discuss some of their preferences. 

Iwobi reveals that he prefers South of England where he was raised to the North. 

“South of England, I was raised there, I don’t know about North,” Iwobi tells his teammate Holding in the video. 

The players were also asked if they preferred to keep the WiFi off or on for most of the day and Iwobi was with the latter. 

Alex Iwobi says he prefers to have his WiFi turned on all day [BR/Football]

Holding quips that Iwobi needed the WiFi for Instagram and Snapchat but the Nigerian replies saying; “I put on wifi all the time not only for Instagram and Snapchat, but I also have Whatsapp and I want to message people as well.”

Iwobi also says that he prefers to binge-watch series rather than watch them sparsely. 

Watch the video below...