Arsene Wenger proving point to Arsenal fans with 4-1 Newcastle win

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger on Sunday told fans that he is rather borthered about getting results than proving his popularity as a politician would

Before Arsenal's game against Newcastle on Saturday night which they won by 4-1, Arsene Wenger in a press address urged the fns to show more support to the team as it was the only thing that could lift their spirits

Wenger had been under severe critiscism from Arsenal fans following recurring loses in matches that the team could have easily won, with the worst being the case of supporters booing him as he tried to board a train after the 3-2 loss to Stoke City.

The Frenchman on Friday told the disgruntled supporters to do their job - support him as he does his to deliver success for the team on the pitch

"What is in the word supporter? Support. It says what it says," he told reporters.

"I don't expect anything but if you will look at the history of Arsenal and what we have achieved in the last 18 years and we have moved forward and that what is what we want to continue to do.

"I have managed in 180 Champions League games. How many Champions League games did Arsenal play before?"

Wenger also reiterated his stand on the situation, stating that he is only bothered about bringing Arsenal glory than have sleepless nights as politicians to check his favour or fall-out with fans

"That is not my problem," he added. "My problem is to win football games. I am not a politician who has a poll every week to see if you support me. I am paid to win games. My sense is to focus on my job.

"Honestly you don't think I will find 20 people who say that you are rubbish? Do they represent the majority of people? I don't know but you have to win your football games, that's all."

Arsenal's 4-1 win over Newcastle on Saturday may just be the starting proof for Wenger to reclaim his place in the heart of Arsenal fans.


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