Chelsea fans would love what they are seeing from their new manager, Antonio Conte as he continues to impress with Italy at the Euro 2016.

Following the appointment of Italy's coach Conte as Chelsea coach ahead of next season, fans of the London side have been watching the Italian national team at Euro 2016 with keen interest.


And they have not been disappointed so far. Chelsea fans have seen a passionate, technically disciplined and enthusiastic coach just like their former favourite, Jose Mourinho.

Italy came into the season with little or no expectation from the football world. Nobody expected them to go very far in the tournament, but all that have changed after four games.

They started off by beating a highly respected Belgium side 2-0 in the first game, beat Sweden by a lone goal and lost 1-0 to Republic of Ireland.

In the group stages, Conte’s side were seen as a defensive unit that could strike you when the chance comes.

In their second round victory over Spain, they however showed a totally different side thanks to the technical flexibility and discipline of Conte.

Italy totally dominated Spain. They didn't just sit back like many expected and try to hit Spain on the counter, Conte’s men were totally on-top all through the game.

11 shots on target against Spain’s 14, pass accuracy of 78% against Spain’s 85% and both teams created eight chances.

On the sideline, Conte is also a completely different animal. He never sits down, barking and shouting orders to his players all through the game.

He is so intense, he makes Mourinho look calm on the touchline. Chelsea fans would love that.

More of Conte will be seen when his team faces World Champions Germany in the quarter-final.

Conte’s Euro showing is not a guarantee of things to come, but Chelsea fans must be loving what they have seen so far.