Politician-cum-businessman Akin Alabi has revealed his plan to launch a new football club in Lagos called Lekki United. 

Alabi is a known football enthusiast and supporter of Nigerian club Shooting Stars and Premier League giants Manchester United

The 42-year-old, who is a member of the House of Representatives in a series of posts on Twitter revealed that he and his investors have concluded plans to launch the club. 

After discussing with my investors, I stepped away from the decision of the choice of location. The investors decided on Lekki, Lagos. And the club will be called, LEKKI UNITED!” he said on Twitter. 

Lekki United will be based in the Lekki, Lagos (Twitter/Akin Alabi)
Lekki United will be based in the Lekki, Lagos (Twitter/Akin Alabi)

Alabi revealed that he had toyed with the idea of buying up Shooting Stars as he had always wanted to own a football club before deciding against it for a couple of reasons.  

Number one, how do you value the club. We all know that it is not commercially viable so no investor will spend ridiculous money to acquire it,” Alabi further said. 

So if no one wants to spend ridiculous money, how much should the state sell the club for?

The historical value is enormous so I won’t blame any government for not wanting to let go of such an asset. There was this option of ‘partnership’. That wasn’t going to work as well. Am I a minority or a majority holder?

Am I comfortable with the appointed directors representing the interest of the club? There will be different representatives as the government changes. I didn’t want that.”

Alabi had earlier in 2016 revealed that he wanted to launch a bid to buy Shooting Stars if the then Governor granted him permitted to do so.

Alabi also further said he didn’t fathom the idea of funding a rival club to Shooting Stars which ruled out the idea of launching the club in Ibadan. 

There was no way I would be part of a project that would rival 3SC. The love is that much. It’s like running Manchester City against Manchester United. My heart won’t be able to take it,” he said. 

He believes Lekki is the perfect place for his new club. 

I am perfectly at home in Lekki, Lagos. I lived there for over a decade,” he also said. 

It has become a city on its own. Inhabited by millions of Lagosians (and non Lagosians) who have turned the place the best destination for business, residence and raising a family.

Akin Alabi 's betting company is one of Shooting Stars' official sponsors.
Akin Alabi 's betting company is one of Shooting Stars' official sponsors.

“There is a need for a sporting entity that represents them. An entity that espouses what is best about Lekki, ambition, winning and a love for aesthetics. 

“A club that allows families to enjoy supporting a club together & share the experience usually enjoyed in Europe & America.” 

Alabi is the owner of a betting company which is the official shirt sponsor of Shooting Stars.