American boxer

Wilder has repeatedly called on Joshua as he eyes a showdown with the WBA and IBF heavyweight champion.

On the popular Breakfast Club, the 32-year-old expectedly talked about his wish to fight Joshua, his win over Luis Ortiz earlier in March, his family and life after boxing.

These are 10 things we learnt from the interview

1. Wilder wants to fight Joshua so bad

In the interview, Wilder said he is ready to fight Joshua even if it means taking the lower cut from the bout money.

“I want Joshua so I can prove to the world that I am the best,” he said.

“ I am ready to take 10% and them taking  90%, I am just ready for the fight.”

2. Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn wants to him

In the interview, Wilder also revealed that Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn wants to sign him. He, however, believes his team is good enough for him.

3. Hearn has been trying to pitch him with Dillian Whyte

Instead of his prefered fight with Joshua, Hearn has been trying to pitch Dillian Whyte to Wilder. Wilder is however not having it.

“Dillian Whyte will be so easy, with all due respect because I like him,” Wilder said.

“I want to fight Joshua. My aim is to unified the division. Nobody has done that in years. I feel I want Joshua so I can prove to the world that I am the best.”

4 Wilder going for Mayweather record

Wilder admitted that he is now chasing Floyd Mayweather’s 50-0 record although that was never his initial aim. The American boxer is unbeaten in 40 bouts and believes he is getting closer.

5. He believes Parker will beat Joshua

Joshua will clash with Joseph Parker on Saturday, March 31 and Wilder believes that  New Zealand boxer. Although he wants Joshua to win so he can fight him, Wilder believes that Parker has been exuding confidence which suggests that he is ready.

6. Wilder is comfortable with his unorthodox style

Critics often say that Wilder does everything wrong in boxing, but the American said he doesn’t care about that because he is winning.

“I can agree that I do all the wrong things in boxing, but I am a winner. I knock people out. You have people who do the right things and lose,” he said.

“If ain't broke, don't fix it.”

7. Wilder started boxing because of his daughter

Wilder took to boxing after the birth of his daughter, who suffers from spina bifida. Before then was dreaming of playing football (wide receiver) or basketball (forward) for his hometown Alabama Crimson Tide.

Wilder has two daughters and two sons with Jessica Scales-Wilder, whom he married in 2009. He is currently engaged to and is expecting a child with Telli Swift.

8. Wilder does not like Mike Tyson

Wilder does really like Mike Tyson like that after the legend said he does not rate the boxer because ‘anyone can knock out anyone even 3-year-old son’.

"I am like so now you are comparing me to a child, you are saying a child can do what I worked so hard to achieve and I just took that as envy,” Wilder said.

He also believes American boxing legends do not support them but revealed that Evander Holyfield for predicted that he will one day be heavyweight champion.

10. Wilder won’t be attending the Joshua Vs Parker fight

Wilder also revealed that he won’t be attending the Joshua Vs Parker fight because his request for a face to face with Joshua was turned down.

“wanted me to commentate for them. I wanted to go to the ring to face Joshua if he wins,” Wilder said.

He also said that Joshua has upped his security because of him.