British boxer of Nigerian descent Anthony Joshua was on popular American radio show Breakfast Club where he discussed his Nigerian heritage, Deontay Wilder, his upcoming fight and more. 

After conquering Europe, Joshua is planning to break into the American market and ahead of his June 1 fight against Jarrell Miller, his first in the United States, he has been doing the rounds in the media. 

Anthony Joshua on the Breakfast Club (Instagram/Breakfast Club)
Anthony Joshua on the Breakfast Club (Instagram/Breakfast Club)

He paid a visit to Breakfast Club where he spoke on a range of issues. 

These are 12 things we learnt

1. How he started boxing

Anthony Joshua said he used boxing as a route to better himself. “I was drinking, smoking and not representing my community well. So through boxing, I became healthy and sleeping better.

2. His cousin got him into boxing

Joshua in the interview revealed that it was his cousin who got him into boxing. 

My cousin got me into boxing. It was period in his life when he was figuring out what to do, got into trouble so he left the area he was born and moved to London.

3. First fight in the United States

Although the fight against Miller is his first in the United States, he did bout in the country as an amateur. He fought as an amateur in Las Vegas when he was 19. 

4. How he built his clean-cut brand

Anthony Joshua has managed to keep a clean-cut image of himself which has made him a marketable brand.
Anthony Joshua has managed to keep a clean-cut image of himself which has made him a marketable brand.

Joshua in the interview explained how he built his brand as a calm and loving guy instead of portraying himself as a tough guy. He explained that with the financial crisis of 2018, big corporations were not putting their money in boxing because it was considered too violent. So to make himself more marketable, he has managed to portray a clean-cut, mild-mannered and polite guy outside the ring. That means he has had to be humble and stay away from the foul-mouthed rantings, or aggressive posturing that are characterised by past boxing megastars.

5. On his next opponent 

Joshua said his next opponent, Miller is not the most talented fighter but has the heart of a champion. 

6. On Wilder

Anthony Joshua says he is not scared of fighting Deontay Wilder
Anthony Joshua says he is not scared of fighting Deontay Wilder

The Wilder conversation happened and Joshua reiterated again that the fight didn’t happen because Wilder couldn’t agree to his term. He explained that Wilder wanted more money although the American boxer had suggested different from his public statements. 

He denied the belief that he is scared to fight the likes of Wilder, Luis Ortiz and Tyson Fury. “None of these guys can compete with me when it comes to stats and facts,” Joshua said. 

He also explained that his fight against Miller is to break the US market and prepare for a bigger fight against Wilder. 

7. Boxing, money and politics

Boxing is about money and politics more than the sports. (Floyd) Mayweather showed us,” Joshua said. 

You have to be about your business. He changed the game. Years back a lot of boxers were making bad decisions and getting broke, but Mayweather kinda showed me how to handle my business. 

“It’s important to be about your money and business but at the same time the fans miss out on certain things. I'm trying to be in the middle and balance things.”

8. The push from Miller

Joshua says the push from Miller was child's play
Joshua says the push from Miller was child's play

One of the highlights of the faceoff between Joshua and Miller was the push from the Brooklyn-born boxer. But Joshua called it ‘playground stuff’. “It's like playground stuff, its like kids in school when they are pushing each other. It's kids' play, I can't take that serious,” Joshua said.  

9. Nigerian culture

Joshua was asked about his Nigerian roots and he said he is massively into it. Both his parents were raised in Nigeria before they moved to the UK. “I’m massively into the Nigerian culture,” he said. 

Growing up in the household was like Nigeria when you come home, it's the culture and food. My parents, live there and grew up there so they know the culture.”

10. On stardom

Not really in that nonsense. It's here today, gone tomorrow. It's about when I'm about 80 years old, can I sit back and say all the decisions I made were the right ones,” Joshua said.  

11. Relationship

I'm not trying to settle down right, focus, I don't want to lead any woman on,” Joshua said. 

“I'm focused I'm hustling hard. Everything I do has the sacrifice of my family, If I can't even spend time with my mother and son and niece and how I am going to spend time with a woman I just met.

“I never really kept the high school sweetheart. I did had it but we are not together anymore, That's the lady I had my son with.”

12. Eye an American model

Joshua talked about his kind of woman and said he’s into an African American woman. He said he’s crushing on a model that attended the Roc Nation Brunch. “An American black woman,” Joshua said. 

A model that attended the Roc Nations Brunch. I have not hit the DM yet, I can't do that.”

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