American boxer Deontay Wilder has told Anthony Joshua that he wants to fight him in his country and not the United Kingdom.

Wilder and Joshua have been going at each otherand are expected for a summer showdown if they both come out victorious in their next fights.

Wilder will be facing Luis Ortiz for the WBC belt while Joshua will defend his IBF and WBA world titles when he faces Joseph Parker for the WBO title on March 31.

'More money in America'

23-year-old American boxer is however still focused on a clash with Joshua and wants the fight to be in America so they can make more money.

“He's talking about the percentages in England and stuff like that. Bro, 70,000 people may look good in a small country, but you are not getting the money like you are over here just compared to 20,000,”  Wilder is quoted to say by Daily Mail at a Showtime's annual event.

“You make your money here in America. The mega boxing is here in America, it always will be no matter what they are doing over there.”

He also boasted that he will beat Joshua.

“Once I knock him (Joshua) out, all of that over there is going to go down and it will be no more.

“So hey, choose your battles wisely, choose your places wisely. Where ever he feels like it is going to be comfortable for him, if he has the courage to beat me then so be it, I'll be there, I'll be waiting.”

Joshua recently goaded his rivals including Wilder in a series of provocative Twitter posts.

He sent tweets to his next opponent Parker and WBC title-holder Wilder, as well as taunting fellow Briton Tyson Fury.