British-Nigerian boxer

With Joshua and Wilder with the remaining heavyweight belts, both boxers have stated their readiness to fight each other with unification on the line.

After several back-and-forths, Wilder took to Twitter to tell Joshua and his promoter Eddie Hearn to check their emails.

“Anthony, get your man Eddie and and get them to check their email. I've got something special for you,” Wilder said in a Twitter video.

“And by the way, all the money's in the bag. So I expect I'll be a man of your word.”

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Joshua commented; “Let's roll,” on the video to show that he is ready.

Joshua's team confirms offer

Hearn who is J’s promoter has also confirmed that they have received an offer.

“I received a personal email from Wilder offering a 50-50 split on the fight with a guarantee of $50m that he to be accepted tomorrow," Hearn told .

“The fight would be at a location of their choice with them in total control of the show. No offence to Deontay but I don't believe he has $50m but if we can receive some formal paperwork and proof of funds then it's definitely something we want to discuss. We have a meeting with their team on Friday so this will be top of the agenda.”

According to several reports, both parties have to agree on some decisions together before any deal can be signed.

According to ESPN, Joshua wants the fight to be in September at Wembley and Las Vegas as part of a two-fight deal.

Wilder’s team, however, want just a one-fight deal in September at a venue of their choice.