Back training, Joshua granted an interview with where he talked about a host of topics around his career, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury.

On his career

“Interestingly I feel like I have just got a little bit serious about what I’m doing. I am focused a bit more. I have fallen into that mindset that you have achieved something you always wanted like a  childhood dream when you get there and it's time to enjoy it.

“I am motivated to work hard and work smart. In a year from now, I want to be in a position where I’ve achieved more. I got more belt and the sky my limit.

“I was in Paris over the weekend, walking in the Eiffel tower, taking pictures with the people. It was really nice now I’m back in the UK, I love engaging with people.”

What he learnt from Joseph Parker fight

“I feel like the main factor was my weight, I understand to cater for the opponent I’m fighting so when I fluctuate or bring my weight back down, I have to care for an opponent.

“And also being able to follow a strict game plan and have the discipline to do it because there was a time when I wanted to explode on Parker and take him out but we had a game plan. Control him, because we got too much at stake, minimise the risk, achieve what we setting out to do and once we did it, we’ve got one more belt to do and now I’m in that position, with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

“Before I had everything to lose, so I wanted to take the minimum risk and I learned that in the Parker fight, execute that and look at the bigger picture. I am one belt away from creating history so now with that fight I’m going to go out there blazing and try and achieve something that has never been done before.”

Joshua speaks on going 12 rounds against Parker

“I think it is important for certain part of boxing fans to understand that I can do that and other fans want to see knockouts. For 20 fights I have catered for one side of boxing and on my 21st fight, I catered for one side.

“Now people can say I mixed brain with brawn, I‘ve got both sides rather than just be in a situation. I feel like people have always asked, ‘what is he like as a boxer’? and it will be hard to answer because I have never shown that side of me. If people are saying ‘can he have a fight:, now I have given people an opportunity to say yeah ‘that boy can box as well as fight’."

On the potential fight against Deontay Wilder

“Honestly speaking, , there is doubt about it but I have gone for the situation that to get that fight I want to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

“I’ve currently got my hands on four belts in 21 fights, and he was very vocal wanting the fight before I was because my objective was to accumulate every single one of the belts and now I have done that.

“Wilder is my 100% attention and I’m waiting for an offer and we are about to make another offer to Wilder’s team. A very good offer that should create a lot of interest from their team and hopefully that would stop a lot of his talking and whining and he can step up to the plate and take the deal and we can eat together and put on a great show hopefully.

“At Wembley or Cardiff. Somewhere in the UK and became the undisputed champion of the world."

On a fighting Wilder in America after their potential clash in the UK

“It was kind of the same with Wladimir Klitschko, unfortunately, he retired and we done one in London and we were actually looking at America so that’s definitely an option. Being a World Champion means you fight anywhere and everywhere. But I really like the fact that UK boxing is booming and we’ve corned the market so that's why I never rush to kind of shoot off anywhere.

“I’m happy being based here and I think a lot of my supporters are happy to be flying here as well so I think the first one has to be in the UK because also I want to be able to call that shot because I’ve worked extremely hard to put myself in a power position when it comes to the negotiations. So hopefully he’ll understand and come to the UK and get this fight.”

On his offer to Wilder

“I’m an astute businessman even though I fight, I’m a hustler and I’ve got strategy and I’m very smart and I take care of myself.

“So the deal I looked at for Wilder is the same deal I would accept for myself and I would have been over the moon.”

On if he will fight Povetkin

“Now that Parker is out of the way and I’m a free agent, I’m not really interested in Alexander Povetkin, I'm interested in Wilder.

“But at the same time, I want to hold on to all the belt, cause I want that opportunity to become undisputed champions.

“So I really want to get Wilder. Into a position where you can’t refuse that we have to play so then the situation, hopefully, that can be pushed on to a later date in 2019 and it doesn't disturb the plan in the build-up to the Wilder fight.”

Joshua’s analysis of Povetkin

“Povetkin is a big puncher, has a little Tyson in him. When you are puncher like Parker and Povetkin, they just wait for one opportunity. I am smarter than Povetkin  but he still poses a threat to come and execute that one punch and I have to be very careful so and I said Povetkin  is not my priority right now, Wilder is.”

On Tyson Fury

“After the Klitschko fight, that was the guy I called out to challenge me, straight away and I still mention him now, like there’s no denying Tyson knows how to box, he’s a good boxer but other than that until he makes his return to the ring,  I can’t sit down and wait patiently in my home to wait for Fury to return. I have my career and goals to achieve, he just has to get himself to action instead of commentating on my fight. He should be working on getting back.”