It has been a sad outpouring of emotions as this young family has been rendered helpless after their bread winner, Rev. Joshua Adah, was brutally murdered by heartless Fulani herdsmen.

The young Christian missionary who was a member of the Insight Bible Church Mission Team, based in northern parts of Nigeria, according to those who knew him, was a philanthropist who did not discriminate against anyone irrespective of race, tribe or religion.

He was known as a believer in the oneness of Nigeria and used education to bring people together by setting up a school where both Christian and Muslim children attended free of charge.

But in what is seen as religious intolerance, Rev. Adah was said to have been ambushed by some Fulani herdsmen and beheaded, leaving his young family in tears while his friends have been wondering why the mindless murderers would target a man who was seen as a bridge-builder.

Here are some of the tributes paid to the deceased by his friends on Facebook:

'What a beautiful family,' it struck me as I came across this picture on my wall. Then my stomach contorted when I learnt of the sad story of the man in the picture.

He was a missionary.

He gave his life to improve the lot of humanity and help the helpless. He ran a school with over 500 students. In the course of his work, he was ambushed by Fulani herdsmen who killed him and beheaded him.'

Anietie John Ukpe.

'Quite pathetic, just one of the many Nigerians killed on a daily basis. We need a change in our mentality and human life should be valued.'

Nsikan Albert Sunday.

'I met Joshua Adah last year, stayed with him and his family when we (Insight Bible Church,Mission Team) paid them a visit in Murkini. I met the children, well disciplined & thoroughly discipled, they were.

No, he didn't die in vain. They are only struggling to survive Islam. For their children are Christians and these little ones will win their communities for Christ.'

Sarah Ini Udoheyop.