From being one of the most exclusive delicacies, Snails are now a victim of the race to improve sexual prowess and health. They are now becoming popular as a sperm booster.

Yes, we’re worried and surprised too.

Why snails though?

Thanks to certain health benefits, snails are enjoying a new wave of popularity as a sperm booster according to BBC Africa

Those who use snails for this purpose believe that the mollusc when eaten, can improve an individual’s sperm count and quality.

How much of this has something to do with the slimy secretion which snails are ensconced in is something that we’ll leave you to determine yourselves.

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Snails are also popular because they are low in calories and are believed to help anyone who has malaria.

Although the larger variety is marketed as scarce and expensive, snails can be found nearly everywhere. The species we are most familiar with, the African land snail can grow to weigh nearly a kilogram given the right conditions.

"Natural remedies"

It can be frustrating when one cannot hit the spot beneath the sheets or make babies due to no fault of theirs.

For men, it is a problem that can have implications beyond the sexual and affect every facet of their lives and how they are perceived as men.

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The desire to match up to certain mostly-unrealistic standards of sexual performance as well as the need to treat deficiencies has thrown us on a hunt for the magical herbal remedy that cures all sexual ills.

Some of the foods touted as high in sperm count-boosting nutrients include walnuts; citrus fruits, most fish, especially wild salmon, shellfish, vitamin D enhanced milk and milk products, dark chocolate, vegetables and fermented nuts and seeds.

Platforms that provide help on these sorts of things also recommend less invasive methods such as exercise, rest, avoiding alcohol and prescription medication and more.