With a

A shocking shatter of the ceramics engulfed the room, and on impulse her mother zoomed into the room like “The Flash” to find her most precious vase, in pieces. In the context of reality, Ngozi should have known that “the value of an object is magnified by the person wielding it”.

Abusive Correction

Without considering what could happen, she pushed her daughter so hard with a heavy spanking on the shoulder. I’m sorry mommy! The daughter screamed frightfully, but her mother wasn’t accepting any of it. Like a loosed wolf on the night of a full moon, she pounced on the girl and continued to hit her till she could hit no more.

You better stand up from there right now! In fact, go get the broom and clean this place up. She instructed and went back to the room. A breeze of silence echoed her angry voice over and over until she paused to listen in, it felt like a sepulchre in the desert. Not even a buzzing fly could perch on any part of the environment, as if no life has ever inhabited. Then she remembered Amaka! Ngozi then proceeded to peep through the glass window so as to observe whether or not Amaka was finished with the cleaning.

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Amaka’s Bio

Although, Amaka never knew her dad till she was 5 years old. Her mother got pregnant out of wedlock, and as a first child she was thrown out of the house for bringing shame to the family. Amaka was later handed over to her dad right after her mother passed away 8 years ago. Before the event took place, Amaka’s father was already happily married to Ngozi. And as it stands, Ngozi is yet to have a child with him even though she’s a mother to two other kids.

Being unable to bear kids with a man and suddenly, a child surfaces from somewhere? I suppose some women won’t be thrilled with that kind of change either. But in this case, Ngozi cooked up so much bitterness and resentment towards Amaka, thereby obstructing her sense of realization to the fact that Amaka is just a child.

Amaka! Amaka!! Amaka!!! This stupid girl thinks I’m joking abi?

I will deal with her in this house……. Why are you not answering me? Silly girl!

In that manner she rushed in through the door, to her greatest awe, there she was.

The little girl, laid helplessly on the cold somewhat shiny floor, in her own pool of blood.

Lost in trance  

For the first time in her entire life, Ngozi had no clue on what to do. Time was slowly dashing away and Amaka was still bleeding. Ngozi decided to run to the neighbours’, but not a soul was present in the hood. Things were getting sour, the little girl was starting to become clouded in pale white skin.

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Ngozi was nowhere to be found…..!! Her dumbfounded soul could not fathom that which befell her…oh, what a shame this is, Ngozi’s hath finally rewarded her with a slap from the . This was hard-core reality….no turning back….it is over….and so she ran away as the wind of guilt chased her through…

The floor of the living room was married with floral tiles. And mixed with it was the almost lifeless body of Amaka shivering and gasping for air. Amaka couldn’t cry no more, neither could she move, for she’d been by a piece of . And all that was left for her, was that moment intrance……so, she wept from the bottom of her innermost being, calling out to her.


To be continued……..

Stand up for a mistreated child…

Say no to violence and child abuse…

Be the voice behind the muted and the frightened…

Humanity is worth everything…..

Written byJoyous Akhivbareme

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