Oge was right in the middle of a presentation when the secretary

Oge was recently transferred from Abuja, and she was about settling down. But one morning, the manager of the station called her to his office for an emergency meeting. Phew!

“Oge, we need you to interview one of the very first young persons who brought in private ownership of oil and gas business in the state. He is quite a busy chap, but I believe that you can handle him. Liz will set up an appointment between you two, and please, make it worthwhile.”

End of meeting. Mr Agofri was a man that knew how to manage his time.  She went straight to investigate him –this busy chap; she asked Google, and found out that he was indeed quite a chap, an arrogant one, from what she read: he never takes no for an answer.

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The Phone Call.

So, she excused herself from her subordinates to take her call. Oge was actually training the new recruits on ‘Reporting and Correspondence’. To her utmost surprise, Ada was on the phone. Ada was her best friend, but a pain in the heart. They grew up together, and were inseparable till death do them part. In her spare time, Oge acted as a double for Ada in many ways: as a chef in her kitchen, a waitress, whenever she had events, and a manager, whenever she travelled out of the country. Oge’s work gave her ample time to live a good life.


“Oge love!”

“Do you know that I was in the middle of a very important meeting when you called?”

“So sorry, mi love. I need you to come by the house, this evening.”

“Hey! A new bae?”

“Nah! I need to organize a cooking party for one of my die-hard clients.”

“A cooking party, kwa?”

“Hahaha! This one would make you shout. He is a man.”

“What dah? Why does he need a cooking party?”“My dear, funnily enough, the cooking party is on us. We cook, and they come around to look around, and eat; those lazy bones.”

“What a charade. “

“Oge, he said that he wants to prove to his friends that, what a woman can do, a man can do better. So, are you coming?”

“Phew! What do I do? You have me all to yourself.”

They said their goodbyes, and Oge rushed back to business. One thing was sure: they got each other’s back. Ada made Oge forget the sudden death of her mother; she had to stay with her for months, and managed her demanding business from Oge’s end. She was a friend to die for.

The Plan

Ada was given a long list of what the guys would prepare. It was not difficult getting stuffs for barbeque, soups, stew, rice, salad, and the most important was the burger. Her client emphasized that they would munch on it while the food got ready. Oge decided to take up the task with one of Ada’s Chef. They weren’t so many people coming, and they could do it before the food got ready. Oge accompanied Ada to shop, made arrangement with rentals, and rested for the upcoming event. Oge could not wait to meet new people, because she was new in Warri.

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The Interview

They were almost done with the interview when a face showed up from nowhere, Oge noticed the change of reaction on the face of the man who sat before her, but she refused to be distracted.

“So, you promise to invest more in Warri, and bring out the best among youths of  the state, to what extent do you intend to do that?”

“Well, to the farthest extent. I came from a very poor background, and I don’t wish any child, if possible, to experience suffering.”

“Thank you very much for your time, Mr. Ikpang.”

“My pleasure.”

The interview ended, and they shook hands, but he refused to let go of hers. She looked at him with so much disgust, because he was already embarrassing her in front of her crew.

“I need to see you again?”

Unfortunately, he frustrated all her efforts to fix an interview, during the interview, they were interrupted by visits or calls from women, and she was not ready to join the queue. She knew she had already gotten what she wanted from him, and he could go straight to hell. Oge looked him straight in the eye, gave a wide smile, and said:


A deep voice interrupted them, and she left right the minute he turned to greet his guest.

The Cooking Party

A night before the cooking party, tragedy struck; Ada’s Chef got involved in a ghastly car accident that left him unconscious in the hospital. Ada was too devastated, but Oge offered to cover for him.

Oge and Ada arrived very early in order to set up. One thing Oge loved about her friend was her managerial skill: she worked with time, and managed everyone around her too well, including her busy life. They prepared everything they needed for the burger, very early in the morning.

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Mid-way into preparing the burger, the guys arrived; some had their apron in hand. Ada left to see to the drinks, cooking, and other arrangements.  In no time, Oge was done, and had all the burgers in their plates. She took one up for inspection, and when she was about to feel the temptation of what she made, a heavy hand whisked her around that she nearly lost her balance; he was thick, muscular, and smiled from ear to ear. Her nightmare of the century, Mr. Ikpang took the plate from her hands, took a thick bite, and said:

“Hello, love. We finally meet, again.

Written by Udemezue, Oluoma

Udemezue, Oluoma loves to read and write, you can catch her on udemezueoluoma@yahoo.com, Udemezue Oluoma Judith – Facebook,  oluomaudemezue on Instagram, and @Udemezueoluoma on Twitter.