Few days ago I created a poll on instagram and the question was “can you marry an uneducated man or woman”? It stirred up some really interesting conversations in my DM.

When I asked the question I was aware that the term ‘Uneducated’ doesn't only mean not having a degree but I didn't specify what I meant because I wanted people to answer from their own understanding of the word.

There are some people who would never consider marrying an uneducated person despite their many other good qualities while others just  want someone who can bring a lot more than a certificate to the table. The question is quite tricky but it's really all about preference.

I got really interesting answers and here are some them:

“Yes because being education is not an issue as far as the person has good sense of reasoning.”


“Uneducated is relative. Educated in what aspect? I know people who didn't go to school but have built businesses. Big businesses. Education comes in forms. Formal, non-formal, also stages. There's a long list of angles to this thing but yes I can.”


“I find intellectual intelligence pretty attractive and I can't imagine having to break things down to him.”


“My level of attraction is more than just sex. I need stimulating conversations”

“Are you saying it's impossible to have ‘stimulating’ conversations with an intelligent person that probably just didn't have the opportunity to get a degree”?

“You and I know that’s rare. But I find that being, then sure we’d get along. You can still be very enlightened and not educated. For you to have stimulating conversations you are surely enlightened and not ignorant. It’s one thing to be uneducated and it’s another thing for you to be ignorant. So I guess I’m just overlapping myself”


“For me this goes beyond having a degree as some have degrees but are not educated. Societal and contextual awareness is very important to me in a person and this mostly comes through education, that results in enlightenment.”


“Well yes. But uneducated has its limits. It depends on your definition of uneducated. Not having secondary education, lacking a command of the English language, those are all things I can’t take. But that said, A university or any form of higher education isn’t any cause not to marry somebody”


Some of my friends turned the question back to me. Would I marry an uneducated person?

First of all, I know some really smart people who do not have any degree. They always have insightful opinions about issues while there are people with Ph.D. degrees who behave worse than the uneducated ones. Some would even make you doubt their certification with the way they behave in public.

It's not so much about the paper you have to prove that you went to school rather it's about your ability to act civil.

Secondly, I do not know much about marriage but I do know that the most relevant ingredients and lessons to help you stay in a marriage are gotten outside the classroom.

I want to marry someone who listens before he speaks and thinks before he acts. Someone who is goal driven and would stop at nothing to make himself a better person.

If he's all these and more but doesn't have a BSc., MSc., or PhD degree, Yes I'll marry him.

So would you marry and uneducated person? Kindly leave a comment below

Written by Goodness Preye.

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