Veteran Nigerian musician Segun Bucknor has passed away.

Bucknor who was also a journalist and popular musician in the 60s and 70s died today, Friday, July 11, 2017.

This was confirmed by his daughter Funke Bucknor-Obruthe.  "Wow my condolence my brother , I just lost my dad today as well . May God comfort us all" she wrote today on the Facebook post of a friend Abiola Olatunde Aloba whose mother recently passed away.

Strut Records, an international record label in based in London, Berlin and Brooklyn has tweeted on the passing of Segun Bucknor.

"We're hearing the very sad news that the mighty Segun Bucknor has passed away this morning. Our thoughts are with his family and friends" tweeted Strut Records three hours ago.

Segun Bucknor was born in the city of Lagos. He was part of the choir and band at the popular Kings College. Bucknor was an apprentice in the music band of Roy Chicago.

He was a part of several bands in the bubbling Lagos music scene. After going to the United States for two years to further his education he came back to Nigeria he became the leader of the music band called Hot Four. Segun Bucknor was a member of the band before he travelled.

In 1969, the name of the group was later changed to Bucknor and the Assembly. The band scored hits such as "Lord Give Me Soul" and "I Will Love You No Matter How."  According to records, Segun Bucknor later shifted his sound to Afrobeat.  He later added a trio of singers called The Sweet Things to his band.

Segun Bucknor was married Mrs. Sola Bucknor. His children are Funke Bucknor-Obruthe, a top Nigerian event planner and Tosyn Bucknor who is a top on-air-personality in Lagos. She works at Top Radio and her alias is Area Mama. She is also a singer. Pulse has reached out to the Bucknor family for an official statement.

It was reported that he suffered from a stroke earlier this year.