Former-Governor of Oyo State, Adebayo Alao-Akala is seeking a second chance at governance.

Alao-Akala, who ruled Oyo from 2007-2011, stated this yesterday, September 4, 2014 during a ceremony to officially declare his intention to run for office at the PDP secretariat and Watershed Events Centre, Old-Ife Road, Ibadan .

ThisDay reports that the former governor begged for forgiveness saying “none of our actions were deliberate or personal vendetta.”

His speech reads:

Let me from the onset express my deep gratitude to the Almighty God, our Creator for making it possible for us all to witness this occasion. We remain eternally grateful to Him for His show of mercy, blessing and protection on us all in our respective endeavours. You will agree with me that a “lot of water has passed under the bridge” these past years and in spite of all odds, we remain undaunted, resolute and determined to stay together believing that together we shall reposition our great Pace Setter State to the overall joy and benefit of all.

My good people of Oyo State, in the last few months, I have received hundreds of telephone calls, thousands of text messages and personal visitations from all and sundry asking me to come out once again to contest for the post of the Governor of our dear Oyo State.

I must say that these past three years, I have had time to reflect on our performances as I believe many of you have. Did we satisfy the yearnings of the masses? As a government, did we provide the much needed succour for the people? Were the masses impressed by our people-oriented policies and programmes? it is indeed gratifying to note with a deep sense of modesty that we made positive impacts on the lives of the people, as attested to by the greater majority and also the International Community.

I am convinced that while reflecting on our performance in government, the good people of the state were also watching and monitoring the performance of the present administration. As a matter of fact, they have been able to see the difference and compare notes in relation to our performances.

One fact remains incontrovertible, ours was a governance with a human face while the present is characterized by anti-people policies as evidenced in the wanton destruction of means of livelihood; imposition of higher taxes; capital flight and outright dismissal of public servants on flimsy excuses.

Our government was characterized by friendly policies, people-oriented projects, accelerated commerce through micro-finance loans at zero % and without collateral, rural development, job creation, that is, by using home-based and local contractors for minor and major contracts, opening of new roads in the rural areas ,release of grants to schools which enhanced educational development; respect for the work-force and job security for Public Servants.

By the special grace of God, our second coming will witness an all-inclusive governance and qualitative leadership. During my first tenure spanning 2007 to 2011, you will recall that our administration pursued a 13-point agenda and impacted positively on the masses of our darling state.

Inevitably we might have offended some people in our desire to make life better for the populace or in pursuit of equity and justice. None of our actions were deliberate or personal vendetta.

I therefore seek your understanding and forgiveness. I call on all other aspirants, let us all work together to deliver this state to PDP, and never should anyone of us again throw out the baby with the bath water. When we form the next Government, We will run an inclusive government and respect the right of all party members.

I have heard the cries of market women whose shops were destroyed and means of livelihood taken away. I have listened to the agonies of Landlords whose houses were destroyed without compensation. I have seen many Civil Servants and top ranking officers of Government sacked ignominiously, but today I come to you with a message of hope and assurance of a better tomorrow .

Therefore on this day, and at this defining moment, I have listened to your appeals and accepted your requests and hereby offer myself to you in the name of God Almighty to contest under our great party PDP for the post of The Governor of Oyo State in 2015. I promise to rule with the fear of God.