After successfully releasing his debut project – “Ghetto University” – in 2015, 2016 has seen Runtown seek to maximise the potential of the project by releasing singles from it. 'Lagos to Kampala’ featuring Wizkid was let fly, followed by the exotic ‘Tuwo Shinkafa’, which had an infusion of Moroccan delight.

But it hasn’t all been all high-budget videos and the fast life for Runtown.

The EricMany Entertainment singer has had a very turbulent year. After finding love in the Caribbean, and chasing new sounds, he was dragged to court by his record label. The battle to secure a common footing by the record label raged from Lagos courts to the news, and down to the US legal system.

In the end, a truce was called, and an agreement was reached. Runtown and his record label have established new rules of engagement, and we can all move forward, safe in the knowledge that Runtown can focus his energy on the creation and distribution of new music.

Runtown who broke through in 2014, has supplied Nigeria with a string of hit songs which has pushed him through, to different parts of the continent. That’s why he has an album – “Ghetto University”- which dropped in 2015 to cement his position.

But since the release of singles from the album, no new music has passed from Runtown’s lips to our playlists. That’s why this new release is momentous.

‘Mad Over You’ is a jam. A love themed song, Runtown dips into a comfortable subject to produce a great song. Self-produced, the new single draws inspiration from the Ghanaian ‘Alkayida’ sound which is reworked and repurposed for this project.

It’s a beautiful production, this one, and Runtown harnesses all of his powers for this. It’s a mid-tempo song which can coast through you initially, but eventually grows and envelopes you with its synths, mellow drum patterns and more. For the dancefloor, the relativity of the single will definitely be a favourite for rotation, and perhaps that is what the singer went for.

The new video is shot by Clarence Peters. The synth-heavy track is accompanied by a wonderfully complimentary set of visuals, with Runtown expressing his love for a host of beautiful women, who aesthetically combine fashion pieces and body art to create a visually satisfying clip.

Runtown has quite a small window in 2016 to push this through, and generate the mass acceptance that it needs to be a hit. But he needn’t bother to push excessively. This project already has all the makings of a mellow hit.