“The incredible storyteller, the most underrated producer and the most slept on artiste", was once the story of the phenomenal Remy Baggins.

The producer and artist dropped by at Pulse Nigeria to talk on his music journey and everything in between.

Music started for Remy at about the age of 5. He would see his father listen to Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson but for him, sighting a piano at his uncle’s  house was perhaps the trigger.

He recalls managing to play the piano that day and went on to tell his dad he wanted to take music classes.

Remy learnt the piano, drums and guitar as time went by. Another situation that helped shape his skill with the music was his secondary school that mandated every prospective student to have a knowledge of playing at least one musical instrument.

The producer at that point was also trying to make himself acquainted with singing in the school after already mastering the piano, but got faced with some opposition from his seniors who looked down on him.

Baggins mentions Eminem’s lyrics in ‘Not afraid’ as a major influence to his music which prompted him to start writing raps, producing using FL studio to perfect his production craft; and performing at shows in school.

The creative genius also talked about battling depression on his latest EP Eigengrau”, which had to do with not getting support from his mom to do music and also not doing well with school after being forced to study what he didn’t have a flair for.

Remy Baggin’s first ever recording was handed to him by Spyrytmx, who saw that he was good with the music.

But says he was able to deal with all those emotions through the music, and "Eigengrau" helped him with that.

Remy has worked on new projects with MI Abaga and Ice Prince, referring to his collaboration with MI as a dream come true. He has also worked with new rising artists such as Jinmi Abduls, Dami Oniru, Rico P and Straff among others.

“I think one of my strengths is to bring out the best side in others. On a normal day., I’m a quiet guy ,don’t talk much; I’m that guy in the corner of the room just looking at everyone; but when it comes to the music I am all gingered,” Baggins says.

On once seeing himself as underrated, Remy says it's because the industry is not looking his way as much, whereas those he feels are not doing as much as him are getting all the attention, but things are looking up now.

“I’ll see people not doing up to what I’m doing and they were getting more attention,” Remy remarked, but added however that he is beginning to get the recognition he expects nowadays.

Remy will be performing alongside other talented musicians at the Lemon Curd 2.0an annual event that celebrates youthful creatives, on Saturday, August 5, 2017 at the Muri Okunola Park Lagos.

Listen to the rich catalog of Remy's produced songs on Soundcloud.