The word Situationship may sound funny but its actually something that is very common today. Situationship is basically a pretentious relationship where one person or both parties are not fully committed. Situationship is the practical example for “its complicated “ and It involves a lot of “chilling”.

The elements of a real relationship may be there but the truth is they are actually not in a relationship. In most Situationships you'll hear things like “we're taking things slow” or “we're just going with the flow”.

I've heard different stories about people who got invitations to their ‘Bae's’ wedding. Apparently just one person was in the relationship.

Your relationship is not defined- You don't know your place in their lives. They claim to love and care for you but you're not sure if you're just friends or dating. Everyone can see that you're kind of together but you actually don't have any title. Forget about the things they say because it's always better to believe people for who they show you they are than who they say they are.

You don't have whole conversations- You would notice that your conversations are never really about serious issues. You just talk about your day, a little bit about work but never about the future or important plans. In most cases they're never interested talking about where the relationship is headed.

The “half bread is better than none” mentality- If you're in a relationship and it looks like you're ‘managing’ your partner then you probably shouldn't be in that relationship. I'm not a love or  relationship expert but I think no one should stay in a relationship  just because they are scared of being alone. Doing that makes you vulnerable and you just stay and suffer.

He never really asked you out- Sometimes ladies just assume they're in a relationship. Just because you meet a guy you like and you start hanging out all the time and you go to some important events together, you think you're now in a relationship. Sister did he ask you out?

The Disappearing Act- So your relationship is going great and then all of a sudden your partner is nowhere to be found. For no reason, they stop calling, texting or even taking your calls. And then they resurface after few weeks or months without any explanation for their disappearance. Honestly, you're In a Situationship. Two people who are truly committed to their relationship would not be comfortable staying apart without any form of communication for no good reason.

I think the reason most people gravitate towards Situationships is because it's easier in a way. I mean you don't really care that much for the relationship so there’ll definitely be less arguments.

There are people who actually agree to go into relationships without any commitment because they feel there'll be less pressure. The main question is are they happy?

It is important to do what makes you happy. Don't just settle because of the fear of being alone. Always wait for what you want and deserve.

Written by Goodness Preye.

Most of my friends call me Goodie. I'm a content creator and lifestyle blogger at I appreciate real friendships and I'm lowkey a foodie. I love traveling a lot and I enjoy writing  about my trips. Let’s connect on instagram- @g.preye Twitter and Facebook- GoodnessPreye