People are quick to say "you've changed” and sometimes I wonder what they really mean by that statement. Are they saying you now feel too big, too important or that you've reduced yourself and you're now insecure?

Growing up I met a lot of people who I got close to but can barely hold a proper conversation with currently. Most of them didn't actually do anything to offend me. I just can't relate with them on any level so I decided to cut them off for my own happiness and peace of mind. Change is bound to happen at some point in everyone's life but most times, it's triggered.

Change come as a result of different emotions and events. Most times people start using the word when they notice you no longer do things the way they want, you no longer have the fear of losing them, you no longer feel belittled by their presence; your confidence which is a threat, cause them to use that statement -"you've changed".

They say that with the desire to make you feel bad about yourself, this new personality they know nothing about. They say it with a challenging tone as if to say “how dare you break from the norm?”

I believe everyone should learn how to say ‘No’ and mean it. Stop using “Lol” to cover the seriousness in whatever you're saying. It's time to move past the idea of staying in any kind of toxic relationship just because you feel that person is the source of your happiness and someone else might not my want you.

I always say everyone has someone or people that were made for them. If someone you like can't accept you with all your excesses or even at least try to understand why you do the things you do, then there's someone else who would not only understand but also accept you just the way you are.

Change is not something to be afraid of because even when you decide to dance to people's tune all the time, some still manage to hurt you or do the things they know you don't like. Never be afraid to make a change.

You may not be very sure at first but i’d advise you go ahead and do it because the peace that comes with a little change for a good reason, is to die for. It's actually funny how people can easily detect change in you but would never notice their alienism towards you.

Written by Goodness Preye.

Most of my friends call me Goodie. I'm a lifestyle blogger at I appreciate real friendships and I'm lowkey a foodie. I love traveling. I can use my very last money to plan a trip. Follow me on instagram- @g.preye Twitter and Facebook- GoodnessPreye