Ever noticed how people tend to gravitate toward certain other people while at a party, a meet-and-greet, or after a tense class/session, and you wonder what made such people awesome humans and not you, with your resplendent sense of personal style and your admirable gadgets?

As we know, a lot of times, it’s difficult to separate the douche from the gentleman, and the qualities that could have endeared a person to us might just be so innate, that we may need to have a really good conversation with them before detecting it.

Even, doing that, we may only tell the generically acceptable qualities which may not be enough to make clear of a person’s true character. Say, they’re calm and seem confident, how well do you think they can handle adverse situations? Good sense of humor, what if the ambience didn’t call for dark humor?

So, for a person, being awesome has to be their individuality and the makeup of their essence. Their attributes have to match with their stance on certain issues, and their character need to be unyielding. If you’re awesome and you don’t know it, then we are going to have to dispel that unknown, and replace it with some self-awareness. Here are some indicators to show that you may just as well fit in that awesome category.

1.      You pick up on social cues: This is kind of like saying you have a filter. Though you may think social media isn’t the place to engage in personal histories, or parties aren’t the convention to discuss feuds, you don’t out rightly shame the participants, you don’t remain inarticulate when called upon to give an opinion and you don’t say something noncommittal.

2.      You can disagree with an opinion but it wouldn’t be worded in an aggressive or mean spirited way: Saying you’re apt and tactful, never careless, never rude in vocal exchanges, so much so a brush off from you would seem like a compliment to someone else. Like you could argue that Lukaku is the best scorer of all times but not near enough to get ambushed for it.

3.      You modulate while you sing in the bathroom: With no care in the world, you really do let yourself be! While others labor under the illusion that they have a little David Guetta in them struggling to get out, you live each day knowing you could be chosen at any moment to replace EdSheeran at a concert if he ever called in sick, regardless of you being really good at singing or sucking at it.

4.      You don’t slouch when you’re on a queue: You have to understand that as underestimated as this is, it is key nonetheless. No one would call you awesome if you go around with a drooping figure and a disposition like Quasimodo’s. You, standing tall and looking straight forward, only just giving people and things the right amount of glances every now and again - this show of poise attitude will keep you away from unflattering attention.

5.      You are generous with your limited time especially when it’s apparent that it is needed: You’re compassionate and sincere, and when you really have to go, you excuse yourself in a brisk manner (or make some promises like the rest of us do). Yes, you’re aware of time constraints and you have to work and eat, and drive somewhere, you haven’t done any of that, but you don’t carry it like a badge. Meaning, you don’t develop a mysterious itch on your wrist that would cause you to pull your arm to your face so your partner would see the screen of your wristwatch, hoping they would take a glimpse at the clock and take a hint, since you mentioned earlier you needed to leave at a certain 0’clock.

6.      You have varied interests and you don’t leave room for small mindedness: You brace yourself with common knowledge of subjects you otherwise wouldn’t care for, only just to have a relational experience for the sake of the people around you. Not as though you believe you need to give in to what you don’t prefer, but that you want to genuinely understand why another would prefer the option. Like knowing the distinguishing factors between briefs and boxers, even though you’re not male.

So is awesomeness in you?

Written by Oluchi Irobunda.

Oluchi Irobunda is a social media enthusiast that finds humor in almost everything. Her corner of the internet is msmcbeal.wordpress.com