Not too long ago, a Chinese museum had an exhibition that paired portraits of Africans with animals.

The controversial exhibition attracted a lot of criticism and it was eventually removed.

Earlier this month there a disturbing video surfaced online of Indians beating up a Nigerian. Let's not forget the racist Dove ad that nearly broke the Internet.

It seems you can't scroll through your phone these days without seeing a story of black people suffering racism all across the world.

Why does the world hate black people? Name any continent apart from Africa obviously, and you will find a glaring culture of racism towards black people.

In Australia, aborigines who were initial dwellers of the continent for at least 400 years were dispossessed of their lands by British settlers. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Racism in Western Europe is institutionalized that you could mistake it for just the way things are and a way of life. In Eastern Europe, in countries like Russia, black people aren't exactly welcomed with open arms.

In Asia, well, the two examples above highlight how black people are victims of racism on the continent. The first black South Korean model Han Hyun-min has had to deal with racism in a nation that you would consider progressive.

In South America, it is a known fact that Afro-Latinos have had to deal with racism ever since slaves were imported to this region of the world to work on plantations.

As for North America...slave trade, Jim Crow, the civil rights movement and the discriminatory killing of black people are some of the examples that racism pretty much exists. Just like Kanye West once rapped, racism is still alive, they are just concealing it.

In God's own country Israel, black people are discriminated against.

Even in South Africa, the story of apartheid would be easier to explain and understand if aliens invaded the country. This is not so. A minority of white traders enslaved millions of black people for centuries.

Why is racism happening to the black race? Some believe that the curse of Ham (a black man) in the Bible is proof that black people would be treated as slaves but bible theologians have dispelled this theory as 'white lies' by slave masters to prove slave trade wasn't evil.

It could be looked like from an economic standpoint. In March 2013, Africa was identified as the poorest continent in the world.

The poor standard of living, diseases, wars and slow economic development has stunted the growth of Africa. The continent is far from the days of being known as the black continent but it's not totally bright either.

This has largely affected the perception of Africa as a backward continent made up of people who prefer to live in darkness rather than develop.

It has been a stereotype that has been associated with Africa ever since the white men discovered the continent. Of course, this stereotype is false, the narrative has stuck because Africa is still yet to develop its full potential.

This sadly has fueled racism. African migrants are seen as beggars in many countries all over the world. In Australia and North America, the mentality of the dwellers and slave masters till hold strong till today, black people are not equals.

Racism towards Africans and black people by extension would reduce significantly when Africa gets its rights act. If Africa is economically strong, foreign countries would respect black people. There will be no need for Africans to settle down in other countries when the continent is booming.

This would reduce racism hopefully but won't eliminate it. Countries were black people were brought as slaves will always be racist towards black people.