Quiz: How ready are you to be a 'Nigerian' parent?

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First things first: Will icecream bowls actually contain icecream in your freezer?

Which of these will you never say to your kids?

"I did not kill my parents, you will not kill me."
"Put it on my head."
"Go and wear your shoe, I'll wait for you."
"There's rice at home."

In your home, what will icecream bowls in the refrigerator be for?

Ice cream
It depends on my mood

What's your opinion on spanking and whipping kids?

It's totally OK. Kids move mad a lot.
It's abuse. I do not recommend.
It's OK when moderately done.

What's a Nigerian parenting hack you will definitely use on your kids?

Buy super-large clothes and shoes so they'll grow into it
Promise to help them keep their money
Ask them to bring you something that's closer to you than it is to them
All of the above
None of the above

How will you teach them about sex

"If you talk to a boy, you will get pregnant"
"If you like get pregnant, I'll disown you."
"Keep your virginity for your husband on your wedding night."
I'll teach them the right way.

What would you like them to study in uni?

Whatever they want to be

Your kids blocks your slap, how will you report it to your spouse?

Exactly how it happened
That he/she beat you up
I don't intent to hit my kids. Click here
It depends on my mood
Your score: 100%
Nigerian parenting culture won't die [yet] with people like you around. Your children go hear am.
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Your score: 60%
You can't seem to make up your mind on how you'll go about parenting. Sometimes you think you will be all western but you remember how mad kids move sometimes and the Nigerian way becomes a lot more appealing to you once more.
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Your score: 30%
All the hallmarks of parenting like the archetypal, cliche Nigerian don't sound good to you. At all.
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Your score: 0%
You have made up your mind to not be the 'Nigerian parent' the media regularly portrays. You want to stand out and a be a different, modern breed of Nigerian parents. So help you God.
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