Quiz: Which job suits your personality best?

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Teacher, banker or pilot, which profession fits you like a second skin?

Where would you likely be found on a weekend?

Camping in a man/woman’s house
Hopping from place to place
At home
Depends on the weekend
At work

For how long did your longest relationship last?

6months - 1 year
Above 5 years
3-5 years
1-2 years

Which of these best describes you?

Fun lover
Couch potato
Overgrown baby
Andrenaline junkie

When was the last time you spent 100k of your money on anything at once?

Months ago
Years ago
Few weeks ago
Can’t remember

Where do you live at the moment?

Lagos mainland
Lagos Island
Outside Lagos
Outside Nigeria

What’s something people say about you?

You are proud
You don’t have sense
You break hearts
You sleep around
Something else.
I don't pay attention to what people say.

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9-5 + Entrepreneurship
9-5 + side gig [not your own business]
Your score: Lawyer
Your oration is topnotch and you have an analytical mind. In an alternate universe, you'd have been a barrister who interpretes the law brilliantly and makes miilions at it. It's not like your job now is bad o. This law thing would have just made more sense for your personality. That's all
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Your score: Doctor
You are a helpful person at heart. Your love for humanity is second to none. Obviously you should be a doctor. You'd be great at correcting nature's flaws. But it's OK if you are an online vendor or working in a bank now. That makes sense too.
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Your score: Banker
You like money die. Hoarding and hoarding and hoarding it without dashing or spending much of it is something you enjoy. Definitely, your personality is that of a banker.
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Your score: Teacher
You're full of tough love and discipline. People don't like you but you don't give a damn, so far they are doing the right thing as you expect them to, and not passing their boundaries with you. We just want to let you know that you'd have made such a well-feared Nigerian teacher/lecturer.
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