Quiz: When will you marry?

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This year? Next year? Or never? Answer these questions to find out!

For how long did your longest relationship last?

6months - 1 year
Above 5 years
3-5 years
1-2 years

Pre-corona, where would you likely be found on a weekend?

Camping in a man/woman’s house
Hopping from place to place
At home
Depends on the weekend
At work

When you see cute babies/cute baby pictures, how do you react?

"My ovaries"
"Gosh! I want one of those"
"Quickly look away/scroll past it"

Which of these PDA’s are you cool with?

Holding hands
Sex in a parked car
French kiss
Cheek/forehead kiss
None of the above
All of the above

Which pressure group[s] have started asking you when you will marry?

Church members
Nuclear family
Extended family
All of them
None of them

How old were you when you had your first relationship

Below 16
Between 16-18
Between 19-21
Above 21

What's your vibe on the idea of marriage?

Abeg don't stress my life

Pick a celeb wedding

Stephanie Coker and Olumide Aderinokun
Teddy A and Bambam
Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman
Banky and Adesua

How soon do you shoot your shot after meeting someone?

Take as much time as possible
Chill for a bit
Depends on the vibe

Where are you likely to go on a first date?

Singles fellowship
A concert
An intimate restaurant
Invite them over for netflix and chill 🍑🍆
Your score: Before 2020 ends!
Or patapata, early next year. If not for corona, you might have even had your wedding. That’s how eager you are. Congrats in advance o.
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Your score: 2022!
You're not ready-ready like that, but almost. Wedding may not be in your in immediate plans, but it’ll be here soon. Just do and round up your hoe phase.
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Your score: 2025!
At this point of your life, you’re all about catching cruise and having all sorts of fun – but you think of marriage from time to time.
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Your score: 2026 and beyond!
You totally don’t give a rat’s ass about marriage – now or anytime in the near future. You just took this quiz for the fun of it. You're probably even considering not marrying ever.
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