QUIZ: Can we quickly guess your most annoying trait?

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Are you a chronic late-comer or a procrastinator-in-chief? Find out here.

We've made breakfast for you. Pick one.

Akamu, plantain and eggs
Bread and eggs

Here are lunch options. Dig into one option.

Ofada rice
Edika ikong and wheat
Fufu and egusi
Boli and groundnuts

And of course, we've got your dinner covered. Make your pick.

Rice and vegetable
Moi moi
Pepper soup
Beans and maize

Which of these best describe you?

Fun lover
Couch potato
Overgrown baby
Andrenaline junkie

Which social media platform is your favourite?


The most useless villain in this group is?

The Night King
Freddy Krueger
Darth Vader

What kind of romantic partner are you?

The independent one
The jealous one
The needy one
The over-emotional one
The romantic one
The sex-crazed one

What kind of friend are you?

The ride or die kind of friend
The positive vibes only type of friend
The friend-turned-cousin
The anywhere-belle-face kind of friend
The fairweather friend [Don't be shy. We won't judge you]
The hype man/woman
Your score: Lateness
Chronic lateness your own annoying trait and it is actually in your bloodstream now. To get you to a place at noon, they have to tell you that the appointment time is for 6am. Even at that, you will still be late by 2minutes. We don't want to say you're irredeemable because we [and Jesus] are not giving up on you.
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Your score: You're judgemental
The only person that is allowed to be imperfect is you. Every other person gets judged relentlessly. What's worse? You don't even know that it's a problem!
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Your score: You laugh at odd times
Sure, your sense of humour makes you friends but sadly, it loses them for you as well. Everything is a joke to you, even when someone is mad mad mad at something, you'll just start laughing. Such an annoying thing. It's a miracle someone has not punched off your nose yet.
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Your score: Procrastination
You are not lazy o. You just love to postpone things for as long as you can. Actually the interpretation of that is: for too long. Everything gets pushed back with you. Every single thing - including simple things as feeding yourself when you're dead hungry.
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