QUIZ: Take this test only if you have positive vibes

Positive energy or negative energy, which have you got?

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When was the last time you received a phone call from a family member or close friend?

Less 12 hours ago
Over 12 hours ago
Can't remember, really

How would you say your 2022 is going?

Going according to plan
Not going as planned at all
Na cruise

Totally unrelated but how do you fry plantain?

With salt
Without salt
I don't like plantain

What are your thoughts on Semovita and Wheat?

Both are trash
Both are great
One is trash, one is great

In secondary school, you were a

Boarding student
Day student
A bit of both

How short was your shortest relationship?

Less than 3 months
Took longer than 3 months
Mind your business

Pick a totally random word

Your score: Good vibes!
Synonym of Good Vibes in the dictionary, na you. Full of laughter, full of positivity... all day, everyday... 24/7. Everybody loves and admires you! What an amazing human!
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Your score: Not-so-good vibes!
You're not like bad vibes like that, you get? But we can't say you are good vibes either. You are just there floating in the middle and sometimes not picking a side can be bad for you. You know what to do after this. And if you don't, just forget about it.
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Your score: Very bad vibes
You need to change fast oh before it's too late.
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