Quiz: Take this quiz to find out the type of neighbor you are

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What type of neighbour are you? The gossip, the friendly, or the flirty one?

Where do you live at the moment?

Lagos mainland
Lagos Island
Outside Lagos
Outside Nigeria

What kind of neighbours do you hate the most?

The ones whose generators make insane noises
The ones with noisy kids
The ones that block your car everytime
The ones that try to be too friendly
The nosy ones
The oversabi ones that try to form house overseer.

Select a location in Lagos to build your dream home

Banana Island
Magodo Phase 2
Victoria Island
Ikeja GRA

Which of these locations would you totally totally NEVER live in?

Port Harcourt

Which of these have you requested from a neighbour?

"Please help me charge my phone"
"Please help me put on my gen"
"Kindly help me jumpstart my car"
None of the above
Your score: The gossip
You relay second hand information so quickly and so efficiently. Most of what you share with everyone who you waylay with a barrage of information did not even happen. Cho cho cho everywhere.
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Your score: The nosy neighbour
Your middle name is gbeborun. Your own is to keep tabs on everyone and everything happening with all your neighbours, mostly on matters that does not even concern you.
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Your score: The perfect neighbour
Everyone loves you. You are friendly, helpful. courteous, mind your business and just an amazing human to cohabit with. Your neighbours don't mind paying your rent just so you don't pack out of the building. True story o.
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Your score: The pervert neighbour
Your own is to always look for ways to sleep with your neighbours. Your head is full of fantasies about many/all of them. Even the married ones are not safe. Every greeting and good deed is geared towards that purpose. You need help, walai talai.
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