Quiz: How do you handle breakups?

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Get drunk? Cry for days? Or act like nothing happened?

What do you say when someone hits you with confam gist?

"Omo - "
"E be things"
"Mad o"
"Things dey occur"

How do you feel about babes making moves on men?

"Gbogbo eleyi o neccestri."
"It's a man's duty to ask, not a woman's."
"You can give intense green light, but never ask directly."
"No big deal. Shoot your shot baby girl!"

How many relationships have you been in?

More than 10
Between 6 -9
Between 1 - 5
Never been in a relationship

Who do you vent to after a breakup?

I deal with shit myself.
Social media

Last time you cried?

Weeks ago.
Days ago.
Months ago.
Can't remember.

Select a breakup song

Beyonce - Irreplaceable
Rihanna - Take a bow
Jojo - A little too late
Adele - Someone like you

Choose a post-breakup activity

Hit the gym and get that banging body
Draw closer to God
Focus on yourself
Rebound sex
Rebound relationship
Shopping spree
Eating spree
stay indoors for days on end

Choose a celeb marriage

Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz
Omotola and Capt. Matthew Ekeinde
Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs
Mercy Johnson and Prince Okojie

How many hearts have you [intentionally & unintentionally] broken?

More than 5
Your score: You move on quickly
You hurt, sure. But you move on nicely and pretty quickly, too. You process the hurt, deal with your pain and continue with your life. Be proud of yourself. You're doing well.
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Your score: You don’t move on for years
When you see your ex in a new relationship, you’re the type to stalk the new babe with a new IG handle and call her at odd hours just to breathe eerily in her ear for minutes.
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Your score: You hold a grudge
You don’t want them back o, but you don’t wish them well at all, particularly those who break your heart. Even when you do the heart breaking, you still stay pissed at them for a long time.
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Your score: You get petty AF.
Someone is bold enough to breakup with you? Or do something that’d warrant you breaking up with them? Omo. That’s the end for that person because you’re type to ‘mistakenly’ leave all the taps running in their apartment.
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