Quiz: Can we correctly guess how many people you've ever dated?

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Take this quiz and we’ll tell you how many relationships you’ve been in.

How old are you?

Less than 18
Above 30

When was your first relationship?

Before 2005
Between 2005 and 2009
Between 2010 -2014
Between 2015-19
After 2019
Never been in a relationship

Choose a Nigerian couple

Omotola and Captain Ekeinde
Mercy Johnson and Prince Okojie
Simi and Adekunle Gold
Banky and Adesua
Annie and TuBaba
Linda and Sule Ibrahim

Which pet-peeve can you absolutely not stand?

Loud chewing
Feet dragging
Slow replies
Giving unsolicited movie spoilers
All of the above
None of the above

What’s your biggest deal breaker?

No sense of humour
None of the above
All of the above

How good are you at giving relationship advice?

Not good.
I try my best.
Make everybody dey their dey please

Give us an idea of your body count

10 upwards.
Virgins click here.

What’s your spec?

Lightskin and thick
Dark and slim
Rich, Tall and skinny
Lightskin and slim
Tall and muscular
Tall but no sixpacks
My spec is not here
I belong to nobody, and I belong to everybody
Your score: 0
You and relationships don't mix at all. And we know your logic: why limit yourself to one man or woman when there are millions of them deserving of your love and attention concurrently, right? A real life Barney Stinson. Respect.
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Your score: 1 or 4
No one knows for sure why your love life is like this. Is it by choice or lack of opportunity? Is it because only few people want to take a chance on you or because you are too picky? So many questions. So, so many questions.
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Your score: 5-9
You've been active. Nothing outrageously high or ridiculously low. Just plain old living and loving as the Lord intended. Nice one.
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Your score: 10 upwards
It's like you will fall sick if you are not in a relationship. So before you break up, you've already lined up another person to continue the work your ex just gave up on. Sorry to you if you somehow got the impression that we wouldn't judge you. You're being judged excessively right now.
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