I got to Beat FM. The security guy would not let me go in to see the Head of Programs. Instead, he himself goes in, comes back and asks me for my CV. I opened my bag, brought out one of my cds and a copy of my CV and gave him.

He takes them in and while he’s not around, I put a call to the front desk (you remember I had the number from when they called me). When the lady picked up, I introduced myself, told her I was in the premises and wanted to see the Head of Programs.

She tells me I could, but I’ll have to wait for a while since the HOP was in a meeting. I replied and said I could wait. So now, the security guy comes back and says I could leave since he’d dropped my package with the ‘main guy’ and I replied: ‘Oh! Great! Thanks. But I called the front desk and was advised to wait if I want to see the main guy since he is in a meeting’ and the security guy was like: ‘Seriously? In a meeting? Someone I just saw? Ok,’ and at this point, I didn’t know who to believe because, seriously let’s face it, we know how these people at the security posts and the front desks can be.

So the fact that their stories were not aligning and none was getting me in to see the HOP right at that moment, told me one thing: I may not get to see the Head of Programs that day but all the same, I got myself ready for a long wait and waited. I mean what else can I do? Remember I know no one to call.

I had waited for quite a while when the security guy put a call to the front desk via the intercom and told me it was the same story. He went further to tell me that I could go and they would get back to me since they had my detail as he had given my package to the ‘main guy’.

I felt slightly embarrassed but I replied: ‘So there’s no way I can see him today?’ and he replies: ‘Truthfully everybody is so busy today’. I felt so sad but I wanted some sort of reaffirmation so I asked: ‘I will be contacted when needed though, right?’ Gosh! Like the poor guy could do anything about that…*sighs*. All the same, he politely responds: ‘Yes’ and I left.

I may be feeling sad but I wasn’t ready to be done for that day, so I found my way to Amazing Grace Plaza (where Inspiration FM is located).

I got to the front desk, asked to see the Head of Programs and was told he was done with his show for the day and had left but I could get him if I came back the next day before 11am.

I was leaving the building when I heard a deep sexy voice right behind me: ‘And what is she doing here?’ From that question, I could tell the person knows me and that voice, I could never miss it – Raymond Ayuba; ( the same Raymond Ayuba of RayPower. We had worked a while together at Cool FM, Port Harcourt, too. May his soul rest in peace). I turned around and voila! I fled into his arms and deep within me, I felt a bit relieved running into a close friend of mine. I was so happy see him.

Raymond had been a friend even before I got my first gig as a radio host. He helped me realise I could do the job, that I had it in me. He gave me recordings of Ryan Seacrest on radio, to listen to. He was instrumental in having me auditioned and getting the gig with Cool FM.

When I started, there were days I would not be happy for one reason or the other and Raymond Ayuba always found a way to cheer me up. He would literally lift me up, throw me up and down (yea I’m light weight like that). He’d make sure I had a smile before he’d let go of me. He was one of my mentors (I had a bunch of mentors at Cool FM). He didn’t stay too long at Cool, though. He left long before I did but we had kept in touch through phone calls and text messages but not enough and I missed him so much.

Anyways, I told him I was here looking to get a gig with Inspiration FM, but didn’t meet the guy I was supposed to see. He took me back in and on our way upstairs, he told me he just got back from Kaduna and was also looking for an opening, too. We were upstairs to see a friend of his who worked with the station and could know if there were really any openings. We chatted with the guy and he assured us that there weren’t any.

On our way out, I brought him up to speed with what has been going on in my life and told him I intend to also wanted to try my voice for voice overs, not just radio hosting and he asked me to hold while he puts a call to someone. When he got off the phone, he smiled and asked: ‘How about I take you right away to a buddy of mine who can help?’ Gosh! I couldn’t contain myself. I leapt with joy and screamed ‘I’m game!!!’ and we headed out.

Raymond’s friend has a studio somewhere in Ikeja, so we hit the road on what seemed like a really long ride to Ikeja. Getting to the friend’s office, we realized he was not in the office, Raymond called again and shortly, he appeared. I guess he was somewhere very close. Anyways, we got introduced, he gave me a script, got me in the recording booth. I did my thing, while he recorded me and was really impressed with what he heard - or at least, that’s what he said - and that was how I met Moshood.

We exchanged numbers and he promised to start hooking me up with voice-over gigs. Now at least, I know that besides my radio job, which I’m gonna nail pretty soon, I’ll have another source of income…yippiee!

The opportunities in Lasgiddy, baaaabyyy!!! On another note, though, this was something to smile about today! All glory to God, my back-bone always pulling me up whenever I think I am down. Alleluyah!!!

Remember it’s the Diary of a Hustling OAP. Join me again next week.