Many Nigerians believe that you cannot pray the country into a functional state, but theyre very wrong. All we need to do as a country is elect God as president.

God has been a constant feature in Nigerian politics for so long that it's a wonder no one has considered Him for elective position(s) until now.

His stock has risen even higher in recent times as He keeps getting tacit endorsements from people already warming His seats for him.

In June 2018, with scores of people dying in Zamfara State due to violent killings that have been happening for months, the state's governor, Abdulaziz Yari, confessed that there isn't much he can do to curb the wanton loss of lives because he's not in complete control of security agencies.

As an alternative to a failure of leadership, the governor urged people of the state to be more faithful to God and embark on special prayers over the challenges they are facing.

If this says anything, it's that God can solve the insecurity mess that Nigeria has been plunged into for decades.

While speaking in May 2018, President Muhammadu Buhari lamented about how previous leaders mismanaged the country. Guess who he called upon to do something about it? (Hint: It was not his Attorney-General).

"Nigerians know that there were no roads or rail lines, there was no power, despite the billions of dollars spent. Only God will judge this thing," he said.

If this says anything, it's that God can fight this corruption war better than the incumbent promised.

With a section of the country convinced that President Buhari has fallen short of his promises, many are eager to vote him out while just as many are eager to see him continue for four more years.

It's quite telling that supporters and opposers of the president agree that his victory or defeat in the 2019 presidential election hinges on one very important person. (Hint: It's God)

"I want to assure you that by the grace of God, Muhammadu Buhari will become president the second time," said his Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu, in April 2018.

Do you know who former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, believes will liberate Nigeria (from Buhari)? (Hint: You know!)

"It will not be easy to wrest powers from them. If you think it will be easy to liberate Nigeria, you are deceiving yourself, but the God that did it yesterday will do it again today," he said, with no trace of irony on his part.

The former president makes it indeed sound like this God has been working very well for Nigeria even without the privilege of elective office.

He has his Hands in literally everything.

He's there to provide relief when preventable man-made tragedies happen, or when government officials owe workers salaries, or when they get dragged to court for stealing (and/or suddenly get struck with some illness), or when they need to get elected, or when long-abandoned projects need to be finished with the power of divine faith, or when presidents travel abroad for medical treatment.

With such an incredible CV, many would agree that God appears to be the most qualified candidate Nigeria will possibly ever get!

The most interesting bonus about this all-powerful God is that He's also omnipresent. This means He can be the president at the same time He's the governor of all 36 states, the same time as being the Minister of This and the Minister of That, as well as be Senator Change or Senator Transformation, as well as be Honourable Federal and Honourable State, all the way down to being the chairman of each and every 774 local government areas of the country.

To speak to this God in His capacity as a political office holder, as an ordinary citizen, you don't have to fight through an army of personal assistants and personal assistants to the personal assistants; all you have to do is pray and he's there listening to your complaint about why you think his government has to obey the doctrine of federal character and to stop throwing all the juicy appointments the way of angels only.

What exactly can he not do?

He doesn't have particular love for corrupt leaders; He can build roads in hours; He can provide uninterrupted power supply without billions spent on power projects; He can undo tragedies with the sheer political will; and He can do all these...forever. It's like creating paradise without having to be dead to (probably) enjoy it.

When Obasanjo launched another one of his scathing criticisms of Buhari's administration two months ago, the president's blow horn, Garba Shehu, said he was a blessing sent from God.

"The loud voices of critics with selfish ambitions and ulterior motives should not be a veil that keeps Nigerians blind to the many ways God has blessed us and improved our lot through the Buhari administration," he said.

On the evidence of what many Nigerians now feel about this 'blessing', maybe it's time for God to finally put Himself forward for elective position(s) and overwhelm the deceptively self-proclaimed Giant of Africa with the actual greatness that's not falling out of the mouths of charlatans.

With God as a political office holder (hopefully, of many positions) in Nigeria, the question is not "What can he do?" It's more, "Is it possible to die from all this enjoyment you're killing us with?"

I think the possibilities are limitless, and this is why He has my vote for 2019: the year of divine intervention.