Justin Bieber is not allowed to strip for social media ever again!

Pulse Nigeria readers are pleading with the popular pop star to not go naked again, in fact they claim to love him more when he's in clothes!

After the 'what Do You Mean' hit-maker's naked penis photos dropped online while on vacation in Bora Bora, some fans believe he's getting nude too often on the internet.

Some think he's doing it to resurrect his music career despite the singer claiming paparazzi invaded his privacy by taking him fully naked in his quiet and away time.

This was the second time the star appeared butt-naked on social media. Back in July, the singer caused quite a stir when he posted his naked butt on his Instagram. Not only did fans slam the star but Madonna also insinuated he didn't have a great butt.

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Well, according to our poll, 46.2% of our readers want Bieber to stop with the internet nakedness. 41.0% of the readers claim its just been a long time coming before Bieber's naked photos dropped on the internet while  only 12.8% claim the paparazzi in deed, invaded his privacy.