In the past few months, there have been many cases of police brutality and molestation of members of the society. The recent case of the barbarity and savagery meted out to a couple, Smith and Grace Ejeh, by a police officer, Corporal Dada Ogunsanya, has drawn high profile condemnation.

This led to the Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba, coming out to state that the case would never be swept under the carpet, undermines the extent to which some Nigerians have been disillusioned by the police.

But there are still some very nice police officers who are humane, considerate and compassionate but going by what many Nigerians have lamented over the high-handedness of some men of the police force, we ran a poll asking voters if they really think the police is their friend.

57.1% of voters said the police is never their friend while a close 42.9% think the police are friendly and should be seen as friends.

This is how Nigeria voted:

Is the police really your friend?

42.9% - Yes

57.1% - No

So how would you vote?