The war of the sexes has been going on for years now, especially in the leadership positions where many women have been asking to be given the opportunity to be in such spots.

But the men folk have always frowned at this, saying that it has never been in the plan of nature for a woman to lead men.

Advocates of women leadership have always pointed at some female leaders the world over who have stood out in their roles while those against them also point out that a majority of women do not have what it takes to assume leadership positions, especially in Nigeria.

Pulse Nigeria Poll of 29 January, 2015, asked this poser:

Who makes a better leader between men and women?

The result was that 89.34% voted that men generally make better leaders while 10.66% voted for the women.

How Nigeria voted:

89.34% - Men

10.66% - Women

So how would you vote?