Introducing Daramola, a gifted R&B Soul artist, who was simply made to sing. Born to a musical  family, in which his mum did some singing of her own in her earlier days, Daramola could be assumed to have taken after her, rendering his vocals on one of his mother's records.

Pulse Music catches up with him, to let us into a bit of his world and how he makes it look so effortless when he hits the studio.

Loving your song 'Lotto', was it based on real life experience?

Yes. 'Lotto' is very much based on a real life experience. The song is has something of a double message. On one hand, I'm praising this girl and her beauty, on the other I can't quite figure her out. (The song is pretty much me telling her, "I can take care of you" and "I see and I know your worth, but then if you can't see a future with me, just run away from the no good guys").

How and when did you discover your knack for music?

My love for music comes from my family. My Mom is a musician. She had something of a hit back in the day, a song called 'Leta Ayo', I remember lending my voice on a record of hers as far back as when I was in primary school. I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was my first time in a professional recording studio, and I was just 8 years old.

You are multi-skilled, as I found out you wrote, produced, mixed and mastered the song 'Lotto'. Do you enjoy one more than the other?

I honestly enjoy producing for other people more than I do myself. I'm a producer first. I started doing it professionally in 2008 (I've been blessed to have hit the billboard charts quite a number of times, plus I won a Dove Award for my work with an artist out here in the states called Lecrae). It's been a thing ever since. I only just returned to writing and singing my own music at the beginning of last year.

How is a typical recording session like for you?

Regular Lights off, mood lights on. 9 times out of 10, I'm making the beat. 10 to 20 minutes into it, I'm recording melodies that I will put down lyrics to. I work everywhere from a small room in my house to major studios. As long as the vibe is right I'm good.

Looking back, do you have any fond musical memory you'd like to share?

Los Angeles March 2012. I had been making music for a while now and I had been to L.A a couple of times prior but March 2012 was my first time there for musical purposes. I just got exposed to a whole lot more than I was used to.

How do you put out such amazing music, do you take voice lessons or  attend a music school?

I never went to music school lol. I have no formal musical training. No voice lessons either.

Who are your music influences?

I'm influenced by so many people in different musical pockets and time frames. It's hard to quantify. But these are a few; My Mom first. Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Fela, Sade etc.

You rolled out an all-Gangster rap mixtape "Nothing Really Matters 1 of 2" in July of 2016, how do you come off 'gangster rapping' and singing too?  Is this versatility gonna feature on your debut album "The Last Time I tried"?

Haha.. That project is definitely not a "Gangster Rap" one.  As far as the genre and all, those were technical issues that had to do with the distribution team that accidentally mislabeled it. As far as the versatility, that's something everyone can look forward to on my debut album "The Last Time I Tried". I really can't wait for people to listen. It's taken me a lot of time and experience to put the project together.

What do you think of the Nigerian 'music scape' right now and the international attention it's gaining?

The Nigerian music scene is booming. Literally. I'm happy that people are getting hip to the sound. I feel like there's always been an awareness, but people are more open to new cultures and sounds these days. Wizkid has definitely been quite instrumental.

Do you also intend to bring your music and perform your songs over in Nigeria?

I do. It'll all be done in good timing too. My album is very much a world album as it is international or even Nigerian. There is something for everyone, and I mean that literally.

Are you currently signed to a label?

I am not signed.

What's the long-term projection for your music career ?

I just want to make good music but more importantly, make history with my sound. I want to do it either as a singer/songwriter or even as a producer for other people.

Watch out for Daramola's  debut album "The Last time I tried" dropping on February 24, 2017.