Music is a collaborative art most especially the business side of things. From writing your songs to recording to getting a record deal, getting gigs and engaging fans, these are things you cannot do alone as an artist.

If are considering taking up music professionally, here are five people you definitely need to be working with:

Music lawyer

As a professional artist, you’ll be requiring good legal assistance. The job of the lawyer is to protect your interests, assist with contract negotiations and represent the artist in corporate and business settings.

Even if can’t hire a lawyer full time, you’ll need to consult with a lawyer before signing a record deal, signing with a manager, and before signing a distribution or licensing deal.

Talent Manager

The talent/artist manager’s job is to run the business side of things and boost the artist’s career by bringing together projects and people that align with the goals of the artist.

Their job includes finding and booking events, negotiating performance fees, publicity and promotion, handling media relations, advising the artist on career decisions and ensuring projects/campaigns move smoothly.

Music producer

A music producer handles the recording, mixing and mastering process of your record.

Asides from he/she making your sound better and acting as a project manager for your music, a producer can help you wit developing a new flavour and approach to your music.

A&R (Artists and Repertoire)

A&R has multiple responsibilities. They are responsible for discovering new talent.

They also oversee the completion of artist albums and assist with song selection for the artist’s projects.


You’ve made a great song, but it’s means nothing if no one knows about it. The music industry is extremely competitive so it’s important to get a public relations team to help build the image of the artist and promote his music and other projects.

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