Akin Busari, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer. He is the founder of Influential Music and popularly known for his hit singles "Harmony", "Nigerian Girl", "Bamijo" and "Omo Ele".

Akin's type of music is centered around R&B, Gospel, Afrobeat and Afropop. He is inspired by artistes like Fela, 2Baba and Wyclef, and credits the start of his music career to his mother who loves music and sings about everything.

In 2012, he won Best Artist at the African Entertainment Awards in Canada. He also won multiple Toronto exclusive awards in 2010 and 2011 respectively and was nominated for the Black Canadian Awards in 2015.

Akin's career spans from 2011 to 2016, releasing a number of singles.

Pulse catches up with the singer in this interview.

How long have you been doing music and how did you get started?

I started singing from a very young age. I remember writing my first song when I was 7 years old. I also sang in the church choir for many years, then when I was 18, I started going to the studio, and in 2005 I released my first single titled 'True Stories'.

Is there an early memory you’d like to share on getting into your craft, and when you realized it was more than just a hobby?

I realized my voice is very powerful and unique at a very young age, because my siblings and friends used to say I was always yelling or too loud. Even when I would sing in groups I would often be criticized of "overdoing it", when I just felt that I was singing normally.

Often people around me would say they love my voice when they hear me sing. My fondest memory though is getting my first standing ovation after singing in front of the congregation at church.

However, it wasn't until I received my first record deal from the late Harry Moscow, that I really took the big step towards becoming a recording artist.  Mr. Moscow heard me sing and approached me about recording my songs, though none of the songs I recorded then were ever released, that experience was what lead me to recording professionally as an artist.

How do you describe your sound to people who  haven’t listened to your music?

My sound is original, I try to be thoughtful with my lyrics and make my melodies unforgettable.

I draw upon different genres of musical sounds and choose my lyrics carefully to give my fans a wonderful experience and a master piece.

African music is rooted in storytelling and sounds that make you want to move, and that aspect of our music is what I want to shine through mine.

Who are your influences? What is some advice that has stuck with you?

I'm influenced by everyday life, the things I experience daily, my faith, my environment, my family, my friends, their stories, my imagination, these all shape what I write about and who I am as an artist. I strive to tell stories about various people, lifestyles, situations and so on.

I'm influenced by a variety of music, I grew up on different songs and sounds, from Ayuba - Mr Bubble to Bob Marley One Love. I just love music, in my teens I also listened to The Cranberries a lot, even now I listen to all kinds of music.

In terms of advice, I live by a biblical advice my mom shared with me: always treat others the way you want to be treated.

What do you hope people take away from listening to your music?

I want them to experience the art of storytelling.  When people listen to my songs I want them to feel the emotions, the passion, the reality behind my music.

As an artist I want my audience to hear my song and feel like they can relate to the music.  I want people to dance and enjoy as well, but I also want to make the songs believable, relatable and real.

Tell us a little bit about your new project, what inspired the creative process

This project will focus on various aspects of life such as love. party life, poverty, wealth and so on. For example, my latest single "C'mon" is right after "Omo Ele".

In the song "Omo Ele" I saw the girl, after debating what to do I approach her and in 'C'mon' I asked her to come home with me. Then the next song will be 'Official' I want to make our relationship 'Official' and then 'Adunni' because she makes me happy and fulfils me!

Then I have another song that will focus on appreciating women worldwide, while on the flip side I will also touch on break ups, and the hardships of relationships and the struggles of life, poverty and success.

What else can we keep an eye out for from Akin in the remaining course of the year?

By God's grace, I will continue promoting my latest single C'mon; to be followed by Official (song and video release) then C'mon Remix. In addition to these,I'll be touring and really connecting with my fans and releasing several new tracks before the end of the year.