Quickies can play an important role in your sexual repetoire but they dont promote great sex in quite the same way as total body sensuality.

Do not expect to get your best orgasms  from quickies and they are often not as pleasurable for women as they are for men.

However,sex doesn't have to be an elaborate affair every time, here are ways to maximise your pleasure from quickies:

Heat up anticipation;

If you are making a journey across town to enjoy your rendezvous,use your phone to start expressing how hot you are feeling and the anticipation of meeting your partner. By the time you are meeting up,you're already aroused.

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Total body Quickie;

Explore the many ways you can give and receive pleasure. Arrange your liaison to include as much music, visual interest, fragrance, tasty treats, and massage as your time together allows. Create a "quickie kit" containing some lubricant, a candle, matches, maybe a vibrator, and anything else you and your lover enjoys.

Selected music from your phone and scented candles can be used almost anywhere. Use your hands and tongues creatively as you undress each other.

Use a lubricant;

Quickies may not give the woman time to self-lubricate enough to enjoy intercourse comfortably,so having a commercial lub would come in handy.

Live in the erotic moment;

Lose yourself in each other in giving and receiving pleasure,lovemaking should not be work, so forget performing. It's adult play. Explore the many ways you can give and receive pleasure.

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Use a vibrator;

The faster the sexual pace, the more difficult it is for women to experience orgasms. Vibrators used correctly can help women come quickly.

Make noise;

Many people make love in silence, however, the sounds of sexual pleasure is contagious. Deep breathing, loud sighs, and little love moans helps you relax and tell your lover you're very turned on - and often spreads the excitement.

Sensuality boosts self-esteem. It's playful, fun and creative. It's fulfilling to provide another person with pleasure, and it feels equally wonderful to know that someone else is focused on giving you pleasure.

Written by Misunderstood Yoruba Demon.

Often misunderstood and judged negatively, i am here to educate and savour the pleasures of sexuality. IG: ku_mfayakum