Fear is a lot of things about the campaign of Daddy Freeze against Christianity in Nigeria. Fear, stony and desperate: motivating his actions – supported by the known and the unknown.

Fear: seen in his face, in his words, on his videos, in his insults, in his response and aggression. Fear that made him shameless, that made him unable to ever have a fair argument, that makes him lie every day and that puts him on the brink of absolute insanity.

He lacks courage. What is that Daddy Freeze afraid of?

Nothing he has ever said is original. Nothing any of his known supporters have ever said is thoughtful or useful. They always imply they feel sorry for genuine Christians, NO! They should all feel sorry for themselves.

Aside the Christianity-hatred trend in Nigeria, there’s been activists against government from time. But the desire to criticize all the time can make the smartest individual the dumbest.

There are so many inconsequential stuff and common human fallibility, but to critics, any slight error is strength for them to conclude opponents are fools.

However, for Christianity haters, it is more like handing the dumbest paranoia.

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Social Activity

There’s an amount of social activity for every one anywhere in the world. Social activities could be professional activity for some, but social activities are mostly personal decisions and they have no might over national development, policy, infrastructure, etc.

Christianity can also be categorized as a social activity. Christianity has no effect on generation and distribution of electricity, or effect on how much people earn, or monetary policies, or trade or inflation. Christianity also has no effect on infrastructure or agricultural programs or employment or labor laws.

The same way Christianity has no power over these is the same way several other social activities don’t. But no one attacks a fitness class or trainer for electricity cuts; neither does anyone attack a radio presenter for the living conditions of the impoverished. But the new groups of atheists are glad to attack the Church for all and call true Pastors names.

Global Atheism

Questioning Christianity is not a test of smartness or proof of genius. There are already so many materials and information.

But there are some core atheism arguments that still includes sorts of disclaimer that with all these questions, there might be information we don’t have.

However, global atheism is overrated. Many around the world are spiritual or loyal to some kind of religion, but not true Christianity or the beliefs.

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There are religions that are far more regimented – in worship – than true Christianity. Many of the atheists are there, because it is more of a shortcut to whatever they want – while keeping at their old lifestyles.

There is a formula for all the atheists. First they are non-religious, before they become atheists. They’re often total atheists until they have a problem or there’s an issue they can’t control or something they have to do, so they seek spiritual or go on a journey, or whatever – for help, but retain their Christianity-atheism.

There are some that are also complete atheists without any spirituality, but they often have several addictive activities they depend on for balance. There are even so many of the others that are stuck to meds; some can’t sleep one night without a pill.

For atheists in Nigeria they are all deceiving themselves. Their knowledge is low, their questions, like their bosses are with loopholes and the Nigerians often have other religions. They usually say Christianity was invented. Atheism too was invented.

Daddy freeze has a known second religion he cites against Christianity. Also, he likely has several other unknown religions he uses to protect himself.

Nigeria is a spiritual country. Christianity is the most conspicuous, the most prosperous and the most fascinating, but most Nigerians have something somewhere they trust.

However, it is important to ask what are atheists or haters of Christianity afraid of? Especially in Nigeria where nothing would develop even if Christianity went away.

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Are Churches Blocking Electricity?

Nigeria is underdeveloped because the country is afraid of solving its own problems. Electricity cuts are rife because no one wants to solve the problem, every project or announcement is like a continuous roundabout drive, miles away from direct solution.

Same with every other problem the country has. Christianity has no concern with development or underdevelopment, but its haters are a legion.

If the haters are really smart, enlightened and emancipated, they should take on problems within their areas of expertise and solve for the nation.

But NO, they can’t, because they know nothing. Many are in their comfort zone and don’t care about anyone, but are doing a campaign of fear claiming to protect others. Lie!

These atheists often sell fear so badly that they sell the fear of living in Nigeria. There are some people that are stranded abroad, or subjected to animal-level discrimination or very terrible racism, but they can’t come home because of fear.

Home is not great yes and can be risky but, if the purpose is beyond optics, or building a house somewhere, or just some OK life, or order, or comfort, coming home is better than losing one’s purpose, happiness and dignity because of being abroad.

For the haters, any person anywhere that is like a preacher is used to attack all Pastors. And any gathering anywhere like a Church is used to attack all Churches.

The two true Churches often attacked by the atheists have more relaxed rules than several others with regards to dressing and sacredness. But NO, Churches – of the Spirit of GOD – with liberty are the problem.

They often say a true Church with headquarters along a major highway causes traffic. Yes, may be at some point in the past. But there’s often traffic along that route on several days without that Church’s massive gathering.

Also, government that cannot solve traffic in cities, or find new ways to ease the burden, are ignored, but blame is on the Church for the responsibility and enforcement – on the highway.

De-Motivational Speakers

The haters say some true Pastors are motivational speakers, OK. But the haters are de-motivational speakers. Some of the atheists say that true Pastors are hope peddlers, OK; but the atheists are despair peddlers. Some say Churches causes discomfort in any environment, OK; but there are far more discomforts everywhere that are not Churches.

Some of the atheists say Churches are business centers, OK; but everyone thought they wanted businesses in Nigeria to succeed!

What they accuse the Church of is what they want it to become. They have said Churches should give loans, Churches should build hospitals, Churches should build roads, Churches should solve poverty, etc.

But true Churches are not for these purposes. They are for true Faith, true Hope, true Prayers and Worship – in Spirit and in Truth. Anything else can be vehicles towards their evangelistic mission.

It is possible to not like motivational speakers, yes, but most of those who claim not to like or need them probably need the talented and true ones – the most. Hope is better than despair, Faith is better than fear.

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Even if an individual is smarter than all motivational speakers combined, better to not listen to them, but what is the point of making hate an occupation.

There are people who are smart, talented, skilled, working hard, and doing all they can, but after doing, building and trying, everything crashes down.

So they are always in a state of sadness, despair, and perplexity. Hope or Faith may just be what they need. Churches are these for many.

True prayer too is vital, and true Churches offer a lot of it. True Churches are not brainwashing people. No Pastor has any power over any human being that is not in their family, or not under salary around them.

Genuine Christians submit to GOD and are often humble under leadership. They know Christ Jesus is the Savior and there are Apostles. The Pastor has no power over anyone’s giving or attendance or anything. It looks like they do, but NO, they don’t.

How come it is the always inferior thinkers who band together to say they want to crushChristianity?

They are often boastful of their foolishness and think they are better than all or know it all. They are like the Pharisee who said I am not like sinners or this Publican, and I fast twice a week.

But the Publican prayed that ‘O God, be merciful to me, for I am a sinner.’

Written by Nneka Okumazie

Twitter/IG: Okumazie