The repetition of his confusion and the delusions in his noise points to one thing: Daddy Freeze is an atheist.

No matter the pretense, it is so obvious from his social media. It is common knowledge that atheism is not marketable in Nigeria, so coming out as one would have starved him of attention.

But coming out as if he belongs in and understands Christianity, while attacking everything the Faith stands for, became the password for the parasitic fame of his worthless campaign.

Generally, atheism blossomed in opposition to Christianity, and the answers they couldn’t find by proportionating everything – allowed them stick with the belief.

If GOD is really powerful, why are there earthquakes? If GOD is caring, why all the sufferings? If GOD can do all things, why does He not just answer all prayers?

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There are answers from the Scriptures to all of these, but their refusal to accept does not invalidate the Christian Faith or its essence. They have chosen their path.

The Scriptures has its own explanation to nature, so does science, but Christianity has more roles to play with Faith, Hope, the mind and character, not experiments, or development or business, or investment or infrastructure.

Daddy freeze’s Atheism

Daddy freeze recently wrote on his Instagram that, “In a country like Romania, there are no armed robbers who will shoot you or abduct you in your own car in the first place, so instead of fixing our country we go around looking for a ‘god’ that will help us maneuver through a maze of self-inflicted [sic] affiliations.”

OK. This, from an individual who always says people are foolish, or in slavery, or brainwashed, is disconsolate. He was reacting to a Church testimony, meant for members and those interested, but he used it as a weapon to attack Christianity.

The Church is not responsible to fix electricity in Nigeria, or healthcare, or schools, or agriculture, or to build fighter jets – like he recently suggested. A person like him should have a good proposal or model for development, but rowing in his foolishness, he substitutes Churches for PHCN, or MOH, or MOE, etc.

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Nigerians love to say Nigerians are dumb. Everyone feels everyone else is dumb and choices are mostly dumb or smart depending on how the dumb the one judging the other is.

Saying Churches and Pastors should do for the people what the government is responsible and has resources for is a quick answer to the how-dumb question.

Also, reference to a country somewhere as an example of perfection and the needlessness of the Christian Faith could mean several things.

It could be a way to intimidate those who have never travelled or to feel exposed, or to make known an intellectual disability that it is only perception from elsewhere that is passed as quality thinking.

It can also be seen as an expression of his atheism. He had said in the past that the atheism of a particular individual is better than the Christianity of others. He also recently said Pastors in Nigeria should emulate a sport person who built a free school. OK.

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The rating of a true Pastor could lie in the quality of Christians in the Church, or the rate of souls genuinely converted through the Church. It is NOT the number of schools, or national development – no matter what a confused person says.

Also, one free school in every local government will still not be the engine for education reforms necessary in Nigeria, so the perception of one thing elsewhere as the solution to something else here, is really telling of how that individual thinks.

Christian Faith

In the Scriptures, if there is anyone the Lord should have saved immediately in every situation, it is Apostle Paul. But NO! He had massive struggles, he was beaten, imprisoned, he was often in peril, he was shipwrecked, he was in cold, in hunger, had no clothes at times, etc.

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All in ministry of the gospel – spreading and going around. He should have grumbled, even as he served and didn’t seem to receive an immediate reward. But he pressed toward the mark for the prize of the high calling.

There are true Christians who have a personal Christianity experience and they serve the Lord GOD in Spirit and in Truth. A pastor might do whatever, true Christians look unto Jesus.

They are NOT brainwashed or foolish, as some people claim. And some who are so sure others are foolish and brainwashed should look at their thoughts through a lens.

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The Confused Atheist

Daddy freeze is a confused atheist, unable to fully come out against GOD and unable to understand how Christianity and Faith in GOD works. So he comes out against the Faith, thinking he can hide behind that.

Daddy freeze revels in confusion and is led by delusion. He loves to sow doubts – finding every means to use the Scriptures to discredit the Christian Faith.

But he’s hollow. He’s not sound enough to be a change agent and his assumption that he’s better than everybody, while not achieving anything exceptional – intellectually – or otherwise in his life, says he cannot even tell the truth to himself.

Daddy freeze also does not know how a nation can develop. He only knows one other country, and uses whatever he sees there to also attack Churches. He has no grasp of history, no grasp of finance, or budget, or anything about innovation, investment, infrastructure, medicine, law or economics.

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Everything he’s ever said in his attacks against Christianity he mostly copied, and never gives credit. Anyone could have done it, but his confusions are shallow.

Daddy freeze is a sad story. He cannot associate with atheists – though he’s one of them, because he cannot defend the Christian Faith before them. He’s homeless, and going nowhere in life than to use social media to create confusion. What a loss.

Written by Nneka Okumazie

Twitter/IG: Okumazie