When it comes to Online media in Nigeria, it is quite obvious that Lagos is the place to be. Events, Smartphone Launches, Concerts are preferred to be held in Lagos.

Most times I wonder why Port Harcourt is left out of most of the smartphone launches? I decided to put this down here so that other bloggers who aren’t in Lagos ad are having the same issues would know they aren’t alone


As a tech blogger in Port Harcourt, I’ve had a number of times I felt like crying and felt really depressed when a brand I want to work with drops that dreaded response – “We can’t work with you because you’re not in Lagos”.

I would sit back to wonder if there’s anything special those in Lagos are doing that we’re not doing in Port Harcourt. We have the same online audience is there or is the audience in Lagos different.

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I believe it’s because most brands won’t want somebody that is far away from them to work with them but most times even when you tell them you can send someone to pick it up on your behalf only a few brands understand and if they really want to work with you they’ll let someone get the product sample for you so you could review.

My Experience

Let me share a little experience I had –

I once mailed a popular power bank brand based in China, they replied that they would want to work with me and sent my mailing details to their branch manager here in Nigeria clearly stating that I was in Port Harcourt. The man called me and agreed on when to send me the product.

Later on he said I had to come to Lagos to pick it up even when I told him that I had someone who could pick it up. He insisted I had to come to Lagos. I mailed back the company in China to inform them about the developments. They said they couldn’t do anything if the manager here in Nigeria wasn’t complying.

How was I going to pick up a product I wanted to review from Lagos when the market price of the product was lesser than how much I would spend going there. I could simply walk into the market here in Port Harcourt and pick it up than take a flight to and fro and spend more than 4 times the amount. I would not be penny wise and pound foolish. That was how my first collaboration for 2017 broke off.

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It’s painful and annoying but there’s nothing I can do. I believe it’s best bloggers work with brands within any city they find themselves. Tech bloggers on the other hand, we can hope things will get better.

It’s actually weird how I still got a product from a Non-Nigerian company while those here in Nigeria won’t be straightforward. They’d rather drop that painful, nerve wrecking line – not in Lagos.

Written by Michael Ajah

I’m focused on making our society a better place by using technology to improve the society around me. Follow @NaijaTechGuy on Twitter and Instagram. I run . Location: Port Harcourt