It isn’t entirely clear as to whether couples marry because they believe it is the right thing to do or whether it is the expectation of their families. There are consequences of engaging in sexual relations and one of those is pregnancy. Therefore, everyone should consider if they can be attached for the rest of their lives due to sharing a child together.

I believe in the nuclear family unit but I also believe in not rushing into life changing decisions. Who we choose to marry is one of the biggest decisions we’ll ever make and it affects our destinies.

Whilst it may make sense to get married and live together, would you have considered this if you weren’t expecting? The pressure of building a marriage coupled with the pressure of being new parents could potentially be a recipe for heartache.

Life can be unpredictable and I am not wanting to discourage you from marrying or having a child with the one you love. But consider if he was not ready to propose to you until you informed him of the baby, are you willing to accept a proposal when the true motivation of this action is unknown?

Societies are changing and so are the norms, many are standing firm and letting their parents know that they will not marry if they are not ready. It’s ultimately your life and your rules, only you will parent your child (or co-parent) and only you will have to deal with your martial issues within your home.

Marry for love not convenience. Marry because you know that you are ready to embark on this journey with someone who is prepared to commit to you forever. Children are a blessing from God, and they deserve to be raised by parents who love them and are happy. Parents who made choices that were right for them and not ones that they were forced or expected to make.

Written by Ms Tomilola

Ms Tomilola is a lifestyle blogger who enjoys writing as a form of self-expression. She has a passion for helping others and aims to inspire people to see beyond their current situations. Ms Tomilola encourages people to be their authentic self and not to succumb to societal pressures. She once regarded herself as a pessimist however she has now found the beauty in optimism.