Daddy Freeze has faded and his mission has failed. His

He encouraged social media to attack Churches, and he said just about everything. People hailed him; they said he was courageous and smart by taking on Churches and Pastors. People’s reactions followed the Nigerian playbook, hail anything that comes, mostly those with the wrong mission, wrong objectives and wrong vision.

Daddy Freeze loved every moment of his bygone fame, he embarrassed people who supported Churches on his social media pages, and he retweeted messages of adulation.

He still retains a large social media following, but he has become irrelevant, boring, uninspiring, stale and stained. There were several blog posts and news of him at a time ‘Daddy Freeze’ was a click magnet.

The true Churches he attacked are still standing and still strong. The tiny effects of his criticisms have waned, and he is covered with shame.

Some people thought he would meet a direct disgrace, who knows? But Daddy Freeze is not King Herod – who took Peter, and he was really a small threat against the Church.

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Tithes or Development

Daddy Freeze thought that by saying anything and everything against the Church, he would have quick and easy victory, but it was never clear what victory for him would look like. He took on a mission against the personal decision of people – which in this case is their eternal Faith. He blamed the Church for poverty, and said many of government’s responsibilities are for the Church.

He used tithes, used prosperity, and several other scenarios he thought were indefensible. Directly, and indirectly, those were defended. Rather than make people hate tithes, he found that people realized it was actually voluntary, and doing it was an aspect of Faith.

But there was no way any sensible person would say government responsibilities like electricity, or security, or roads, or policies, or supremacy of the law, are for Churches, but, Daddy Freeze went there, he went there!

He even went further, creating an online church, and accepting luxury devices from his supporters. His credibility took more hit, and the veil of his deceit shattered. He took any bait of false information to attack Churches.

So he began failing, fading and irritating. He’s now ignored, he thought an online Church would have been a next act, it failed. He thought he would have real fame; he went to a social media conference and got booed. He talks about how people avoid working with him everywhere and he seems rejected.

He found that acceptance is far worse for him than political activists. He took on the wrong enemies.

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Fake Pastors in Nigeria

Yes, there are fake churches, fake pastors, falsehoods and false doctrines in Nigeria. But it is only a very big fool that will think that becoming a fake pastor is a scam option. It isn’t. Many are finding out and many have already found out. The shame and disgrace are hideous – much more than regular criminals.

What is the attraction? People, money, trips, paean and immorality; so, after these what next? Continuously seeking things that have nothing to do with Christ Jesus, so they hunger after those, and come up short, then are unable to keep their core, and the whole thing becomes unsustainable.

Nigeria has so many scam options: internet, government, corporate, real estate, transport, politics, etc. But scam pastor is the hardest and the worst. Only total fools go there. It is hard to come clean. Things to cover up grow and grow, the shiny objects become normal, and there is nothing else to explore. Some wish they didn’t start, they have disappointed and deceived so many, they are not for Christ Jesus, and cannot fully support Him, or come out for their evil master.

Fake pastor is the worst – shame, disgrace and devastating wreckage on them all.

Daddy Freeze’s failure

Daddy Freeze may have done better attacking many other things in Nigeria. Things that are not directly on government, and he may have found some success. But he took on the Church, especially some that are stubbornly about Christ Jesus.

The lead Pastor of RCCG, Adeboye, went in the Ministry several years ago, when it was not colorful to be a Pastor. Their Church’s campground was found and began around early 1980s. The Pastor is as great a visionary as any of the biggest names known in the world, but he’s from a different place and he chose Jesus’ mission.

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The Pastor always wishes his people well, prays for them, and his central message is usually on the Lord GOD Almighty, Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The Pastor is well-connected, and could have used his position for all kinds of ambitions and wrong opportunities but he and his Church faced their vision.

Daddy Freeze thought that he could get the better of them, he failed woefully. In fact because of how much of Daddy Freeze’s opinions and thoughts were stupid, some people visited the RCCG Church, and some also listened to their lead Pastor, to really understand some things. Some gave, to see if giving meant what Daddy Freeze said. And then the experimenting was concluded that Daddy Freeze is crap.

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Daddy Freeze may have thought he could suppress Christianity in Nigeria, he failed. There was a lawenacted, by a government official also, a while ago, it failed too; because the Church is backed by the Truth and the Church does not hinderdevelopment nor are they responsible for underdevelopment.

Written by Nneka Okumazie

Twitter/IG: Okumazie