Projects are often in problems areas, not as solutions but as doing something, or as tiny impact stuff. There is rarely

Having none of these makes the easy part the destination, do something that is not the solution, but call it the solution.

Electricity has been horrible for years, government has steadily failed to deliver, rather than find how projects could motivate better action, the easy way of small balls is taken, and called the answer. But the main problem at the source, nobody can come close.

This is similar to other sectors and how Nigeria remains stuck in an ambition(less) cycle for its own – major – problems.

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Overrating Every Move

Nigeria runs mostly on overrating several stuff; the small projects, the solutions to nothing, the visits, announcements and no-impact-many-things that are common everywhere. Criticism is also overrated and seen as doing something or a form of input.

But government is not certainly moved by criticism because they might explain whom or why it is coming at them. Knowledge does not also move government, because Nigeria does not necessarily run on potent knowledge.

There is almost a total blackout of usefulness to development from a knowledge sector that should deliver on everything.

So Nigeria is left with assumptions, random ideas, noise, criticisms and misplaced focus – sometimes so belligerent that those involved see themselves as exclusive.

Though there are fiercely intelligent analysts who can explain why electricity, education, employment, security, roads, etc. are not great, but they are rare and corrupted by the criticism-for-the-sake-of-it culture.

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They often have thoughts on how to fix stuff, but an individual thinking on solution to any major problem in Nigeria may almost be hubris, because only multitude of solutions could probably withstand the fire of the nation’s resistance.

As a fact, it is this one-person superiorassumption-conclusion that has led to several nonsense projects – that kept Nigeria away from solutions.

The Activists

There have also been several one-person activisms in Nigeria, firing people up, towards the wrong spot. There is the repetition until believed or accepted model, which becomes a win for the promoter.

This is the case of daddy freeze whose fame came from his criticisms of Churches and Pastors. He’s been on it for two years and seemed to have successfully connected all the problems of Nigeria to Churches and Pastors.

But he’s wrong, unexposed and very primitive. His arguments are shallow. He does not understand what he thinks his strengths are. Everything he does is solely for his own fun, fame and advantage.

He attacks several doctrines, but doctrines are not his problem, it is that he hates Churches. He loves to connect Churches to poverty, OK, but no true Church had eradicating poverty in their original mission and vision.

He’s one of the biggest brainwashing agents Nigeria has seen in the social media era and he’s helpful in keeping Nigeria away from solutions.

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The stuff he thinks he knows, he uses as tool for criticism and for show – so those whose enlightenment comes from him are fawning over him on his Instagram.

He steals almost all of his posts and ideas from somewhere. Most of the video series of a Reverend he recently criticized were posted by someone else before he did and no credit to source.

Two days after a magazine had on its cover, a reality star to become a self-made billionaire – and a dictionary group rebutted the context – daddy freeze repeated the line, without credit to source.

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Same goes for similar stuff from Nairaland and Twitter that he posts – like its original. He, at least, understands that if he gives credit to others, his followers will quickly discover the little-to-nothing that remains of what he thinks.

He recently used an Eastern Europe country to attack poverty in Nigeria through Pastors and Churches.

But that country is not on the cutting edge of contemporary science or technology, no booming economic sectors, rare to find Africans in actual professional jobs there and many of their citizens are also seeking greener pastures.

Some of those citizens were subjects to racist attacks – to leave – in the aftermath of the referendum of an economic bloc that voted to leave the European Union.

Diaspora Comparison

It is fun to be able to detect all the problems of Nigeria or to want to easily fix it once abroad. Do this, and that, this is the problem and yes, it is so easy. But there are several intricacies of foreign development that are inapplicable to present-day Nigeria.

There are some people that the major problems of Nigeria made them flee the country, but are unwelcomed for several reasons abroad – still they prefer to stay away.

How many project for sectors are happening and powered from abroad on useful solutions – for Nigeria – to nudge government to do better?

Social media activism from abroad is nothing. Whether from a former government official who is also an agent of parasitic fame, or certain others; journalistic activism from abroad too makes no difference, Nigerian journalism is tad impactful.

So that a person went to Eastern Europe, and suddenly he can ‘confirm’ that Pastors and Churches are the problem exposes his hollowness and smartness in reverse.

Parasitic Fame

Daddy freeze depends on criticisms of true Churches or Pastors to stay relevant. But has not achieved anything, he can’t and he won’t. Because serious thinking makes it clear that this is not the direction of problems or solutions – it is purely a game of hate and attention.

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Those who focused on building a true Church with several parishes achieved their goal, and for the true members there, they should be proud of their Church wherever they see the symbol or a parish. Their haters are not builders; their critics are dolorous. No need to worry.

True Pastors and Churches are not the problem of Nigeria. They are helpful in building Hope and Faith.

Some true Pastors in some of those true Churches always say to some true members: what are you doing, how are you doing it differently, how are you thinking about problem solving, how are you raising your ambition in every area of your life, how are you different, do you have credibility and integrity?

It is not the fault of the Church or the Pastor if people do not follow some of those, or act without faith or aren’t praying against evil and wickedness or refusing to take risks.

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Nigeria is underdeveloped, and very much so. Nigeria has frustrated so many people, and the places of choice to run to are now littering with open hate and racism. Shortcuts of racket, fraud and corruption keep ambition of personal or national success at a dangerous low.

Projects in Nigeria aren’t taking on solutions directly, very little stuff – overly – encouraging is happening. Hope is slight. But noise is everywhere.

The national development future remains asterisked as there’s no focus – directly – on solutions. But one thing is easy: agitation over non-problems and criticism over distortion, in support of a parasitism famous leader who thrives on confusion and finds folly as a sense of purpose.

Written by Nneka Okumazie

Twitter/IG: Okumazie