The problem might actually be that you’ve not made some certain changes to your device that’ll make it look different. In this post I’ll be giving tips on how to do that with ease.

Download A Launcher

Downloading a new launcher can actually help change the dull look of your phone and make it feel new again. There are thousands of launchers available on Google Play.

There’s GO launcher, Zero Launcher, Nova Launcher and more. I advise you install just one on your phone to avoid allocating unnecessary storage space to launchers and slowing down your phone. I recommend Nova launcher, It’s smooth, lightweight and fast.  You can also download themes and wallpapers with matching icons right from the launcher

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Download an Icon Pack

Most Launchers come with a default icon set but also allows you play with your icons and change them and the easiest way to do that is to install an icon pack. There are thousands of icon packs on the Play Store. You can even use iPhone icons on your Android Smartphone.

Uninstall Unused and Unnecessary Apps

Remember that app you used when you needed to do something last time, are you actively using it? If you aren’t, I think it’s time you uninstall it. Apps take up space and on the long run can make your phone feel slow and old. It’s very important you remove apps you don’t use and delete their apk’s from your file manager

Install A System Update

Remember that update you’ve been dreading because you don’t have data? Brother subscribe and update your phone. Updates usually come with bug fixes that’ll improve the device and sometimes it comes with a full UI over haul. If your phone is rooted make sure you unroot it and back up your files before updating.

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Wipe The Phone Completely

This should be a last resort. If you’ve tried everything to make it feel new again maybe that initial welcome screen would give you that nostalgic new feeling. Reset the phone and it should be as good as new

Written by Michael Ajah

I’m focused on making our society a better place by using technology to improve the society around me. Follow @NaijaTechGuy on Twitter and Instagram. I run