The wisdom that a campaign against a preacher means enlightenment is ridiculous. The conclusion that an individual is smart because of their ability to just hate and criticize is even more ridiculous.

The possession of the video of a service that concerns a Church, their members and the preacher, for use as a public weapon to attack Christianity is advanced folly.

The first test of how smart, majority of those involved in this campaign are, is just their ability to repeat stuff, or to help others feel cheated or to question what was never for them – in the first place.

Nigeria is full of cheats, but it is rare to have a public focus on the Faith of some – masqueraded as campaign against scams.

This is total hate for the Church in a country where true Churches have little to no role in underdevelopment or responsibility for national development. True Churches are mainly for Faith, Hope and Worship – in Spirit and in Truth.

Giving in a true Church, no matter the title of it, is not a scam. It is expected to be freewill and by true believers.

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Hate Campaign

Belonging to a hate campaign – assumed as a solution, but won’t aid development – in anyway – is foolishness. There is no smartness in it, and one of the places to find the supremacy of this stupidity is on the comments of daddy freeze’s instagram posts.

This campaign has changed nothing and will lead to nothing. The direct and indirect supporters are tools of an empty vessel on an ego trip. He understands nothing about Faith in GOD.

He knows nothing about the Bible he quotes. He keeps saying where is it, where is it? Same way an enemy, armed with confusion, uses policies and standards of others as advantage.

He hasn’t and can’t contribute to personal or national development of Nigeria. To all sectors requiring potent knowledge, analysis and solutions, he’s useless.

Assuming people stopped going and giving in Churches, they’ll be wise, OK, and that wisdom will be useful for what? Generation and distribution of electricity, building roads, bridges, better public health systems, and employment for everyone – droll!

Devotion to this kind of useless campaign, and learning from someone whose submissions are hollow is a revelation in status.

The supporters keep shouting brainwashing, people are stupid, etc. OK. It is always great to look inward before going public with certain conclusions. Maybe brainwashing is being convinced that distraction is the solution to underdevelopment or maybe stupidity is assumption that the result of a rubbish campaign will make Nigeria developed.

It is unfortunate that those claiming to be smart because they are a part of this folly campaign are unable to analyze stuff properly – looking both ways. Their misleader believes he knows everything, always right and better then everybody, but he has been in one spot for years and has zero intellectual property.

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Travelling to Eastern Europe and showing pictures and videos on social media, as exposure, is quite bizarre. It is done to further brainwash those already brainwashed by him and to let those who can’t think beyond him see why they should continue to be stupid by focusing on Churches and Pastors like Nigeria’s underdevelopment started in 2016.

If anyone has a problem with the Vice President – in his direct portfolio, free to go after him, because he’s a public official expected to be accountable. But that because of him, one Church is now the problem, well, the VP is not the Church neither is the Church the VP.

Some have said other religions rarely act the same way or possess similar stuff, OK. So because A doesn’t do stuff exactly like B, means B is totally great and innocent – in everything else. Wow, wisdom!

Developed countries are far less religious than Nigeria – but people generally keep whatever they believe or don’t to their space. Things happen in major economic centers because everyone puts purposes first in those places, not because of – no – religion. Even as they’re less religious, it is – still – existent.

True Christianity

True Christianity is not the problem of Nigeria. If a true Pastor overdoes stuff – doing or not doing means nothing for the economy and growth of Nigeria. It is too stupid to think agitation against a comment or action by a true Pastor means true intelligence or anything that serves Nigeria well.

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There are true Christians who do not agree with certain other true Churches or their doctrines, they don’t go there.

There are tens of millions of Nigerians who are far smarter than daddy freeze. There are also traders who face their work – and are building businesses – more than this garbled attention seeker. But, daddy freeze is at least smarter than all his supporters – one time or permanent.

Daddy freeze is even smarter than a fake activist former government official, who forgets that because the present administration does absurd stuff, his immediate past administration didn’t totally do stuff the same way but equally stupid. They lost a winnable election and he’s part of the losers responsible for this sad situation – for which he does activism for relevance.

Rev. Funke Adejumo may need to enter into a quiet period of relentless prayers, for fresh fire, wisdom and divine help. But in terms of these current sets of enemies and haters, the campaign is worthless to Nigeria, worthless to the purpose for life some of them may be searching for and worthless to true Churches in Nigeria.

Written By Nneka Okumazie.

Twitter/IG: Okumazie