Normally, electricity should be abundant and available. But in Nigeria it has been reduced to an option – or if possible, a

The same sets of problems in electricity twenty, thirty years ago are still existent. Public or private controlled generation and distribution have all failed.

There seems to be an understanding of do not touch electricity for solution or any way to make it evidently improve.

There is always news of some investment, project, policy or whatever looks like hope but are often an incremental sham.

Darkness is not just what electricity cuts deliver. But there’s darkness in statistics and major knowledge of the situation or real solution.

Electricity crisis in Nigeria grew to become a monster and now everyone seems comfortable that it is the way it is.

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Nigeria’s Darkness – Gross Darkness

At night in several places across Nigeria, it is darkness – gross darkness. Usually, Nigeria does not have enough street lights, but external home lightings gives some streets night visibility.

However, there are some places that are just grossly dark and these places are a lot. The optionality of electricity – a factor that should be constant – made Nigeria far backwards.

The backwardness also resulted from the act of reversal of factors in Nigeria. Christianity in Nigeria is optional, but critics of it make it seem like it is something compulsory, and use that to attack true Churches, Pastors and genuine Christians.

But a lot of Christianity or little makes no difference in how the country develops. There is NO reliance of major public factors in Nigeria on Christianity.

Even so, there’s dependency of development on electricity, employment, predominant education, agriculture, water supply, transport systems, infrastructure, etc.

Churches are not hindering anything good for Nigeria. Churches are personal places and are more or less social.

Yes, there are fake churches, hypocritical Christians and fake pastors, but they don’t invalidate the potency of the power of GOD, and Faith of true Christianity.

As a fact, attending a fake church or being under a fake pastor requires discernment to get out of there as fast as possible.

True Churches are for true Faith, true Hope, and Worship – in Spirit and in Truth. Churches are not commissioned to fix utility poles, or transformers or for generation and distribution of electricity.

All the hate campaigns against Churches have been unable to connect the Church to electricity cuts – a major underdevelopment problem in the country.

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Big Christianity or Big Poverty

Some people say Churches are responsible for poverty in Nigeria. It is either those saying this are lying, or they have diseased stupidity.

Churches don’t control how much people earn. Also, the money people spend – or give – in true Churches is optional and has NO might to keep people poor.

Wages and expenses are in no way connected to Church. If people earn two dollars a day, it is not the Church that made that happen.

Also, if people have to buy food, or toothpaste, or whatever they can’t do without, it is not the Church that raises prices – or in charge of trade, manufacturing or monetary policies.

Another angle to this is that if a person visits any of the major impoverished zones across Nigeria, and looks at life there, the conditions, the environment, the food, utilities, etc. one can ask which of these were instigated by the Church?

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So, the responsibilities of true Churches to poverty in Nigeria are zero to none. If there’s a true Church in a poor environment, it is not primarily charity, albeit there are expectations of them to contribute to that environment.

Churches have an obligation to grow, which is one of the reasons people give. Welfare stuff can be a vehicle for evangelism, not the core mission.

As a fact, opening a school in every deprived area across Nigeria does not guarantee quality education, if others responsible don’t do necessary stuff.

There are lots of people in underprivileged areas that the society has failed. There are those who will not cheat, or do fraud, cut corners or change figures, but there is a limit the country often puts on people.

What is not there is not there, what is not in Nigeria is not in Nigeria. What is in Nigeria is there, and it affects – the helpless – mostly.

Yes, there are those who have failed themselves, their families and society but there are those who have tried to not fail themselves, yet being Nigerian is not great for them – even abroad.

So the Church is not responsible for any of the major setbacks of the country. The true Church is optional enough that all the stupid campaign is disease for all the somnambulists.

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Daddy freeze is no reformist

There are lies daddy freeze tells himself and that others tell him. They say he’s a reformist, or that he’s actually smart, or that he is changing something. NO!

As much as he lies to himself, his converts help to keep him – a lie, and his messages – total lies, alive.

But his converts are not bright. They are always fawning over his useless big words – forced into sentences, so he can look smart.

For them it is the first time to hear those and daddy freeze is their primary source of information.

They are also unable to think for themselves and see the untruths in all he says. Daddy freeze is trying to grow his popularity and whatever online nonsense he’s seeking members for – by attacking others.

True Churches that grew always preached messages on the Fruits of the Spirit and against the works of the flesh.

Major true Pastors didn’t center sermons – attacking entertainers or entertainment in order to have members.

The Power of GOD they talked about often attracted people – as they saw it as advantageous over evil, wickedness, sin and destruction.

For daddy freeze, it is to hurl insults, attack Churches and Pastors and fool himself that Churches are the problem of underdevelopment or responsible for poverty, etc.

Reformist of a problem he claims exists but all lies; reformist of personal decisions that adults are responsible for themselves for, like several others.

There’re reforms needed in electricity and job creation, you will never see him there because his sense is absent at everything useful.

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Daddy freeze is like that neighbor who thrives on shame, disgrace and pulling others down, with no self-worth and a worthless spoilsport or a mad person everyone avoids, but has to be dealt with – sometimes.

The inability for people to think, to ask questions, when they hear Churches are responsible for this, giving is that, to be able to know – that this is not the way it is, is a huge loss for Nigeria.

Daddy freeze has never achieved anything in his life, other than to grow supporters on social media and insult people who have no business with him.

Daddy freeze and all his supporters can campaign against tithes and seed offering for the rest of their lives, it will change nothing for development in Nigeria and will make no single difference.

He and his uninspiring prominent supporters in entertainment and a former president aide are intellectual stinks who know nothing and hold no promise.

If daddy freeze can say how Churches have hindered electricity or how Churches have caused poverty in Nigeria, then his followers should be happy their leader has sense, until never, they are all a disgrace.

The Church of GOD will stand and withstand, all the unrepentant enemies and haters will drown in their foolishness – and will and never find help.

Written By Nneka Okumazie

Twitter/IG: Okumazie